Ingrassia: Alvin Bragg’s Case Against President Trump Is A Total Scam With No Basis In Law, Fact, Or Reality

The weaponization of the rule of law has reached a point beyond repair in New York State, with the ongoing


RIGGED COURT: Here’s the FULL List and Details of the NYC Jurors Selected to Serve in President Trump’s Garbage “Hush Money” Trial Including Replacements for the Two Dismissed

Credit: Getty Images All jurors, including the replacements and an alternate have been revealed in President Trump’s “Hush Money” trial.


Media, Leftists, Infuriated that Mississippi won’t let Felons Vote

A story originally appearing in the Associated Press (“AP”) complaining about the lack of felon voting rights in Mississippi is



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WhatsApp rolls back a small design tweak that caused user backlash

WhatsApp rolls back a small design tweak that caused user backlash

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If Galaxy AI is headed to the Galaxy S22, do you really need the S24 Ultra?

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