technology allowed a blind girl to watch an NHL game for the first time

For people like Olivia, a legally blind 11-year-old from the Calgary area, the game has been experienced in an entirely different way. She suffered rare form of eye cancer as a child, which led to her becoming legally blind and although she has been to a Flames game in the past, yesterday’s was different.

Yesterday, she watched the game.

With assistance from a medical device made by eSight, she was able to see her surroundings through  enhanced video captured and projected live by a camera in the device you see below.

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We had a special guest on the bench today! Olivia is watching her for the 1st time thanks to specialized glasses for the blind!

The flames did not disappoint either, as they beat up on the Islanders 5-2.

A highly skilled team like the Flames is a fun team to watch in every game, so hopefully she’ll be able to watch more sometime soon.

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