Svenska utklassningen – tog OS-guld i stafetten

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Here is Sweden’s new sensation in shooting.
Fredrik Lindström drove home Olympic gold to Sweden in the men’s table – after full graduation.
Sweden was 55.5 (!) Seconds before Norway at the silver spot.
“I do not know if there was any special keystroke. I think we all four made it right through, says Sebastian Samuelsson to Channel 5.

It was a perfectly perfect relay where Lindström finished with a blue-yellow flag over the finish line. Just before that, the Swedish Wall Street team woke when the 28-year-old passed them in superior style.

It was partly a sign of Lindström’s sensational effort – partly on his team-mate’s performance, which gave Lindström a chance to make up for the gold.

Lindström appeared while Emil Hegle Svendsen was over ten seconds before chasing Germany. In the first shot they saw shaking off Germany after perfect shooting from neighboring countries.

Last shooter decided

When it became a gold match, it looked like goldfrozen on both Lindström and Svendsen. Both started to bump. Then, Lindström shot faster and put his shot – while Svendsen did not even manage his extra shot but pulled a penalty round.

In practice, the gold was clear.

“Gold is always gold, and late to do with these three that you’ve practiced so much in summer and autumn is absolutely amazing,” said Samuelsson who took his second medal in the OS:

“It felt almost like sharing the silver with these too, and now sharing the gold feels fantastic.

Femling and Nelin began the success

Peppe Femling and Jesper Nelin made sure to drive Sweden to a second place halfway into the baton. The Czech Republic then led – 16.2 seconds before Sweden at the second shift.

– It was horrible. I did everything I could. I had bendarr yesterday and bendarr all morning, Femling said to Channel 5 and continued:

– I’m really happy with a spare shot. I am satisfied with the starting point I gave.

Samuelsson made it a golden fight

On the third move Sebastian Samuelsson took over and refined the gold racing.

Together with Johannes Thingnes Bö, they realized that there was a neighboring match about the gold – where Lindström finished the triumph.

“It’s hard to get in, I think. It will take a couple of days before you get it. It’s quite sick, therefore, says Nelin to Channel 5 and realizes that he and his partner Hanna Öberg need a price cabinet:

– We have nothing at the moment, we’ll move soon so we’ll get one there … And we’re counting more (medals) in the future too.

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