Trudeau’s outfits in India seen as an over-the-top fashion faux pas, internet decides

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The Washington Post wrote, “the latest gags focus on his razzle-dazzle wardrobe, upstaging even India’s flamboyant movie stars.”

Vanity Fair even weighed in, comparing the “scandal” to “Donald Trump’s taste in interior decorating.”

“The world is generally consumed with much more pressing scandals, and at the end of the day, Trudeau would not be Trudeau unless he was going above and beyond and into outer space and around the farthest reaches of the universe and back to Canada. He really is the most.”

Indian politician Omar Abduallah took to Twitter with a collage of the Trudeau family in their colourful attire, touching their hands and bowing their heads in the namaste gesture.

“Is it just me or is this choreographed cuteness all just a bit much now? Also FYI, we Indians don’t dress like this every day, sir, not even in Bollywood.”

The online jabs may be last on the prime minster’s priority list of criticisms as he prepares to wrap up his stay in India on Saturday. Earlier in the week, Trudeau’s office rescinded an inviteto a convicted Canadian Sikh extremist to a reception in Delhi.

Trudeau’s fashion missteps have some precedents set by previous Canadian leaders. Former prime minister Stephen Harper was pictured wearing a cowboy hat at the Calgary Stampede, and Jean Chrétien was photographed wearing a UN helmet backwards.

Despite the flak Trudeau is getting online, some observers have been outspoken in his defence: “Obviously, someone else has created their wardrobe. They have trusted that advice and despite some of it being over the top, I think it’s nice of them to wear it,” one Twitter user said.

“In any case, I think they’re all looking really good.

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