Olympic gold to Team Hasselborg

Sweden made an early mistake in the first round and ended up under 1-0. Instead, it was South Korea who took the command.

But in the third round, Team Hasselborg started the pickup for the Olympic Gold. South Korea’s last rock became somewhat short and Anna Hasselborg could easily pick home two points for Sweden. After that, Sweden stole one point in both rounds of four and five, to 4-2 lead.

“There were a lot of nerves, but we had talked before we took the match and we managed to keep them in check and pull it to our advantage. It gave us a lot of positive energy, “says Agnes Knochenhauer.

“Enjoyed all the time”

In the course of seven, Sweden had a big deal since South Korea made a little miss with its last rock, and Sweden managed to get through a stable stone from the shipman Anna Hasselborg to 7-2.

“When we took that threesome it was a big surprise and then you have to think about scratching the board, still playing for each rock and not taking out anything, and we really succeeded,” Knochenhauer said.

Hasselborg secured the gold

In the ninth round, Hasselborg secured the gold for Sweden when she fixed a point and the South Koreans gave up. Sweden won the final with 8-3.

“It’s pure happiness, at last, what a wonderful one, absolutely amazing,” says Sofia Mabergs.

“I’m so proud to be able to do this with these girls, and I can not even say that. It’s joy and it’s pride and there are so many emotions, “says Sara McManus.

“Is a dream”

Mabergs made a flawless final for Sweden’s part.

“We are doing well in all positions and we are doing what we are going, there is happiness out there and we are fighting for each other,” says Mabergs.

The gold is Team Hasselborg’s first championship title and Sweden’s seventh gold in Pyeongchang.

“Funniest i done”

The team was formed as late as 2015.

– It’s a journey in itself. The little percentage we had about two and a half years ago, we took and it feels good to be able to experience now, says Mabergs.

“Everyone should know that it’s possible,” said McManus.

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