Aéroports de Paris: Government ready to launch total privatization of ADP, according to BFM Business

Aéroports de Paris: Government ready to launch total privatization of ADP, according to BFM Business

TRANSPORT – We knew the file was at the top of the pile of privatization projects. We now know his schedule. According to BFM Business , the final details of the privatization of Aéroports de Paris (CDG, Orly, Le Bourget) will be settled this Saturday, March 10 in Matignon.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, his colleague of the Transports Elisabeth Borne and the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will finalize the Bill Pact (plan of action for the growth and the transformation of the companies).

This law will include an amendment to the statutes of ADP to allow the state to fall below the threshold of 50% of the capital. More surprisingly, no threshold should be set, paving the way for full privatization of the operator.

According to BFM Business, the bill will be sent to the Council of State on March 16, and presented to Cabinet on April 18. The vote in Parliament is expected to take place in the autumn for privatization by the end of 2018.

A concession from 70 to 90 years

After long months of reflection, the scenario retained by the State would be that of a complete sale of its share of 50.6% in the managing company of Roissy and Orly. “It has strong regulation and sufficient safeguards to retain its rights on services, land and security,” says a source at BFM Business .

Clearly, the state considers that it does not need to own the airports to maintain tight control over these strategic assets (6600 hectares for Roissy and Orly, as well as 412 of land reserves).

Then, the operation will be sold for a long, but determined duration. The license will be between 70 and 90 years old.

In the end, the state hopes to recover about 8.2 billion euros from this sale. The candidates for redemption are not lacking. The French group Vinci has been a favorite since the beginning, thanks to its current 8% stake in ADP. But BFM Business believes that the Italian Atlantia (Nice airport) and Ferrovial Spanish will also participate in the auction.

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