Sport in lutto, è morto Riccardo Cesini: campione di vela ed ex capitano della squadra di pallanuoto „ Sport in mourning, Riccardo Cesini died: sail champion and former water polo team captain “ Potrebbe interessarti: Seguici su Facebook:

He had been sailing champion and historical captain of the Vela men’s water polo team . Riccardo Cesini , 36 years old from Ancona, died . To tear it to the love of his loved ones a cardiac illness that struck him yesterday morning while he was in Liguria to assist a friend during a pedestrian sports competition. During the ride, Riccardo crossed his friend who promptly passed the water, to refresh him from fatigue. A quick salute and then the tragedy a few meters from there. Riccardo has fallen to the ground. All the means at the disposal of the Ligurian emergency intervention immediately intervened. Then the rush to the hospital and the surgery with which the doctors tried to save his life from what would later turn out to be acardiac aneurysm . But there was nothing to do. So yesterday the tragedy hit his family: mother father and younger brother, also a water polo player in Barbato Design Ancona. But also all the sport and the city of Ancona.

In the past he had to distance himself from water polo because of a health problem. But he never gave up. He had returned to the pool. He was skipper , diver and had also practiced climbing. And then the offshore sailing , for which he had shown talent, so much to win a world championship riding the waves of the sea, including those of the Regata del Conero, in which he had participated in the last edition. Riccardo was a determined and winning athlete, arrogant only in front of the unexpected most mocking of destiny. Riccardo Cesini has gone in the blink of an eye, a great promise of that water polo that, in his heart, had always been the greatest passion. The same love that had brought him up there, in the province of Savona, to live the race in which he had supported his partner in the race to yet another goal. Riccardo Cesini has gone so, as a true sportsman. From sample.

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