Fractal Design Launches Celsius+ Series Of AIO Coolers – Clean & Flashy CPU Coolers That’ll Last You A Long Time

The new Celsius+ series of AIO coolers has just been announced by Fractal Design, featuring an ARGB-accented pump face, a fully redesigned block and an upgraded on-radiator PWM fan hub with ARGB support. Cleverly concealed wiring within the braided sleeves of the Celsius’ low-permeability rubber tubing allows the entire system to connect at the pump with just a single power plug and an (optional and detachable) ARGB cable.

Fractal Design Unveils Celcius+ AIO Coolers – Designed To Look Good

These radiators are packed with features to be able to cool your system effectively. It is designed to last for a long amount of time under operation while be as effective as possible. Fans specially designed fan blades and an outer ring produce a uniform glow. Optimized fan geometry balances airflow with extra emphasis on static pressure. Trip Wire technology reduces blade turbulence and LLS (Long Life Sleeve) fan bearings provide silent operation with a long lifespan.

As with previous Celsius coolers, selectable auto/PWM modes offer dynamically optimized performance with the choice of full user control for expert fine-tuning.

  • Tinted glass pump face with backlit logo and ARGB LED effects
  • Smart auto control mode dynamically adjusts fan and pump speeds for the ideal balance of silence and cooling performance
  • Twist the pump face to change from auto to PWM mode for full user control
  • ARGB-enabled PWM hub places all fan connections directly on the radiator for a clutter-free installation
  • Sleeved tubing with concealed wiring connects power and ARGB for the entire system at the pump
  • Asus AURA, Gigabyte Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, Razer Chroma and ASRock Polychrome support
  • Pre-applied thermal paste guarantees optimal application with even coverage
  • Low-permeability rubber tubing with nylon braided sleeves for extra durability and an added touch of style
  • Articulating elbow fittings make tubes easier to route while reducing tension on the pump


You can find the Fractal Design Celcius+ lineup in the following links:

The Fractal Design Celcius+ AIO lineup is available in 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm to fit in as many systems as it possibly can. The radiator is back by a 5-year warranty, so we can infer Fractal Design trusts the design and that it won’t break for 5 years.

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