Google Pixel 4a XL Replacement Parts Spotted on eBay, Showing Potential Design and Upgrades of the Larger Affordable Model

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Google Pixel 4a XL Replacement Parts Spotted on eBay

A previous specifications leak belonging to the Pixel 4a shows there’s a lack of news surrounding the bigger Pixel 4a XL model. That’s because Google has decided to scrap it according to a previous report, which stated that customers didn’t want to pay extra just to have a bigger display and no other upgrade. Well, it looks like there might have been other changes on the cards, assuming Google intends on releasing the Pixel 4a XL. An eBay seller has listed a replacement back cover for the model and judging from the image, it looks like it might have had some extra features.

Rear Square Camera Hump Shows the Pixel 4a XL May Have Inherited the Same Pixel 4 Optics Solution

According to the image posted by the eBay seller, who also has a 97.5 percent positive feedback rating on the website, the Pixel 4a XL sports a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, a plastic shell, and a rear camera hump that strongly resembles the one present on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. There are a total of three lens cutouts at the back, so we’re assuming that this camera upgrade for the Pixel 4a XL could be the same one belonging to Google’s current-generation flagships.

However, the existence of a less premium shell and the fingerprint scanner indicates that it the replacement part belongs to a low-cost handset that Google isn’t too keen on launching. Still, what’s interesting about this leak is that unlike the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, the Pixel 4a XL potentially shows more differences than the Pixel 4a, assuming this replacement part is legit. Apart from the larger display and the bigger battery, the Pixel 4a XL may have also shipped with a better camera configuration.

We say this because according to previously released CAD renders, the Pixel 4a only has a single camera at the back, making the Pixel 4a XL more capable in the imaging department. Looking at these differences, it’s honestly surprising why we haven’t heard launch rumors about the larger low-cost model. After all, customers who can pay a little extra money would definitely pay the difference if they feel they were getting their money’s worth with more features separating the two models.

Then again, Google’s decision might be related to its previous launch, where the Pixel 3a XL might not have sold so well compared to the smaller Pixel 3a. Regardless, if there is an unveiling of the Pixel 4a XL, you guys will be the first to get updated, so stay tuned.

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