In Win Has Released the B1 Mini-ITX PC Chassis

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In Win has announced the B1 Mini-ITX PC chassis, some of the main features of this Mini-ITX PC case is the extremely small footprint, and vents being incorporated into the exterior design of the case. These two features make this Mini-ITX PC case perfect for a work from a home office or perfect for some very light gaming.

In Win’s B1 PC case is an extremely small form factor PC chassis that comes with an 80 mm fan and a 200-watt power supply pre-installed

The overall footprint of the B1 Mini-ITX PC chassis is very small when compared to even standard mATX PC chassis. The overall dimensions of this case are just 108 mm x 302 mm x 238 mm, which makes this incredibly smaller form factor PC case perfect for HTPCs, light gaming PCs, or even a LAN gaming rig. The internal design of this case is designed to be incredibly user friendly, and one feature makes this case easy to build in is the easy pop-off top. In the main compartment while up to two 2.5″ HDD can fit in the opposite side.

Source: In Win

This case has two components pre-installed, one pre-installed part is an 80 mm fan which draws in air through the vented design of the case itself. The strategically placed fan and dust filter provide good thermal solutions and dust-free interior. There are fan and dust filters included, and these dust filters are strategically placed dust filters. The second component that is pre-installed InWin 200-watt PSU. The B1’s chassis comes with a custom InWin 200-watt 8- PLUS Gold Certification PSU, this smaller PSU is specifically designed to fit inside B1’s smaller footprints. These two pre-installed components are specifically designed to fit inside the B1’s PC case.

Source: In Win

The B1’s chassis is designed around being both aesthetically pleasing while not compromising on airflow or performance. This case is built using Tempered Glass and ABS plastic, which allows for overall fantastic durability. The visual design of this case makes this case perfect for a work from home office, or an HTPC.

For compatibility, this case offers support for the CPU’s heatsink height of 60 mm. This case doesn’t have support for a graphics card, so the installed processor must have some type of integrated graphics.

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