Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, S10 and S10+ are 20% off in the UK until April 14

Samsung is holding an Easter sale through its online store in the UK for three of its smartphones, which have become 20% cheaper. This will be ongoing until April 14.

First off, the Galaxy S20+ 5G can now be had for just £799.20. Compared to its usual price of £999, that’s a cool £200 you’re saving if you want to gift one to yourself (or someone else) for Easter.

Galaxy S20+ (left) next to Galaxy S10+ (right)

Next up, the Galaxy S10+ is currently going for £615.20. It used to be £769 before this promo. The Galaxy S10 can be yours for £535.20, and not £669 as usual.

That is, of…

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