Microsoft Reportedly Delays Windows 10X Powered Dual-Screen Devices Beyond 2020

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Microsoft Surface Neo Is a Foldable Device Sporting Two 9-Inch Screens windows 10x

Originally published on April 9

Microsoft was looking forward to push us into a new era of computing with its foldable devices powered by a new expression of Windows 10. Calling it Windows 10X, the company has been redesigning the operating system to make it more modern and convenient on dual-screen products. However, the Windows maker may be pushed to delay the launch due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Originally the release was planned for holiday, 2020. Panos Panay, the chief of products and Windows at Microsoft, has told his team internally that Microsoft won’t be shipping its dual-screen Surface Neo this calendar year, ZDNet reported. “In addition, Microsoft also won’t be enabling third-party dual-screen Windows devices to ship with 10X in calendar 2020,” the publication added citing insider sources.

Microsoft adjusting its Windows 10X and Surface Neo priorities

Microsoft has also been working on Surface Duo, its Android-based device. The company isn’t saying if it intends to delay the release of Surface Duo, as well. Panay shared a picture taken with Surface Duo on his Instagram last night, which could be a hint that the product is ready and might get a public release this year.

As for Windows 10X, the Windows maker is now prioritizing releasing Windows 10X on single-screen devices. While this wasn’t clear in the original plans, there were many who had hoped that the dual-screen operating system will be made available on single-screen products, as well. These devices include the currently available 2-in-1 and perhaps even the clamshell devices.

Since Windows 10X may not be fully baked for a public release, it is unlikely if we will see dual-screen devices powered by Windows 10X from third party manufacturers either. However, as WinCentral notes we are either going to see the release of single-screen version of Windows 10X (codenamed Pegasus) or some features of Windows 10X (like the ability to run legacy programs in virtual containers) shipped through Windows 10 itself.

While we were excited to get our hands on Windows 10X powered Surface Neo, it’d certainly be a disaster if Microsoft pushes out a product that isn’t fully developed. After all, this could be a make or break for dual-screen products by the company.

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