Ruin your day with 9 completely cursed ‘Animal Crossing’ fan theories

OSTN Staff

Ruin your day with 9 completely cursed 'Animal Crossing' fan theories

Give us a nice thing, and we shall ruin it! 

It’s been less than a month since Animal Crossing: New Horizons graced the world with its wholesome presence. The delightful island-set, sandbox game from Nintendo has inspired stunning user creations, beautiful fan art, and heartfelt homages to other pop culture worlds we love. 

But it has also brought out the cursed, the horrid, and the truly terrifying. 

There are the atrocities we’ve committed, like trapping our neighbors, attacking visitors with axes, and amassing huge collections of tarantulas to sell to children for profit. And then there are the institutional terrors: the unexplained mysteries and disturbing evidence indicating a seedy underbelly to the “paradise” we’ve come to call our own. Read more…

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