What WWW Staffers Are Reading, Eating, Watching, and Wearing This Weekend

For many of us, this weekend is the fourth (or fifth!) in a row where we’ve stayed home in an effort to flatten the curve and support the essential workers in our communities. I don’t know about you, but during this time, I’ve found myself looking forward to weekdays more than the weekends simply because they involve more structure, a hearty to-do list, and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. That said, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so I’m heading into the upcoming two days with the goal of accomplishing tasks that keep me indoors but away from my computer keyboard. If you can, I hope you are too. 

Just in case you need a dose of inspiration or direction to set you on your path to the weekend, below you’ll find the honest-to-goodness plans of Who What Wear staffers from coast to coast. Yes, we’re back for the second week in a row highlighting what they’re watching, reading, eating, and of course, wearing—plus that sharable graphic for you to customize and post on Instagram Stories. We hope you’ll be inspired to try something new, support your favorite small business, or FaceTime a friend to help make this weekend personally fulfilling.

Keep scrolling to see Who What Wear’s weekend plans, and then share yours by tagging @whowhatwear on your Instagram post. We look forward to seeing and sharing how everyone is continuing to enjoy their time in the great indoors! 

“Whatever I make from Alison Roman’s Nothing Fancy. Probably the roast chicken with buttered tomatoes and oregano because it’s so simple and incredibly good.” — Hillary Kerr, co-founder and chief content officer. “The last bit of my first homemade bread (admittedly it was not the best). Kudos to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse for making it easy for a baking novice like myself.” — Candice Aman, social media editor. “All the veggies and matzo ball soup.” — Michaela Bushkin, senior fashion editor. “A ridiculous amount of dried mango.” — Kia Topps, people and talent coordinator

“My best friend who lives in San Francisco and probably my mom and dad.” — Erin Jahns, beauty editor. “My entire extended family. Yes, we’ve just helped my grandparents get on Zoom, and it’s opened up a whole new world.” — Anna LaPlaca, associate editor. “My sister and baby niece, Emmie!” — Aman

“All of the old Disney Channel Original Movies! I’ve just rediscovered them on Disney+, and it’s plunged me into full nostalgia mode since I used to obsess over them growing up. First up: Zenon.” — LaPlaca. “Wu-Tang: An American Saga on Hulu!” — Topps. “Schitt’s Creek. I’m very late to the party, but now I’m getting to binge the whole series, and it’s wonderful. Truly a delight.” — Kerr. “Dave and Ava YouTube videos with my toddler.” — Diana Stellick, senior accounting manager

“Baby2Baby, always.” — Kerr. “LA Regional Food Bank and Food Bank For NYC.” — Emily Gerstein, advertising sales associate, and Michelle Plantan, VP of social and innovation. “Essential workers like my sister by staying home.” — Vanessa Muro, research director. “Our local wine stores, including Helen’s Wines and Tilda Wines in Echo Park.” — Jamal Elhardouzi, junior systems admin; Alice Burnett, social media strategist; and Aralyn Beaumont, copy editor

“My favorite Ugg Fluff Yeah Slides and my Terez Waffle-Knit Joggers and Hoodie.” — Jahns

“The comfiest waffle-knit shorts and pullover set from Donni.” — LaPlaca

“My favorite Splendid jogger pants. They’re ridiculously comfy!” — Muro

“Ryan Heffington’s amazing IG live dance class. Dancing with 5000 people around the world from my living room is truly joyful.” — Kerr. “To finally use my Headspace app and meditate for at least five minutes each morning.” — Stellick. “The Sculpt Society and Duolingo.” — Bushkin. “Some new self-tanners! (I’m a beauty editor, and the testing show must go on!)” — Jahns

“Who? Weekly, the funniest podcast about irrelevant celebrity culture. It’s my favorite.” — Aman. “All this week’s episodes of Seek Treatment because I’m behind and in Cat-&-Pat withdrawal” — Beaumont. “Keep It!” — Plantan. “Second Life podcast, and you should too!” — Kerr

“I’m re-reading snippets from my poetry books by Rupi Kaur and Rumi.” — LaPlaca. “The stack of New Yorkers staring at me from the coffee table.” — Plantan. “The Wives by Tarryn Fisher.” — Jahns. “The New York Times because facts matter.” — Kerr

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