Microsoft Rumored to be Prepping Two Major Xbox Digital Events for May and June

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With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the usual lineup of big gaming events, one can’t help but wonder when we’re going to hear more from Microsoft and Sony about their next-generation consoles and games. Microsoft has generally been a lot more forthcoming than Sony, revealing plenty of details about the Xbox Series X’s specs, but they still haven’t said much about their upcoming software plans. Well, that may change over the next couple months.

According to a new rumor posted on 4chan, Microsoft is planning two digital events – one for May, and one for June. The one in May will mostly focus on hardware, serving as a “proper console reveal” event, but will also include some game announcements. The June event will essentially replace Microsoft’s planned E3 presentation and include a lot of major game announcements.

Our leaker goes on to say that the much-rumored Fable revival will be one of the games revealed. Apparently, the game will be beautiful, with a world that’s partly hand-crafted using photogrammetry and partly procedurally generated. Other games we’ll supposedly be seeing over the next couple months include Halo Infinite, something new from Obsidian, a Forza Motorsport reboot, and a “big exclusive IP” from a Japanese studio.

Now, I know what you’re likely thinking – should we really be trusting rumors from 4chan? Normally, this rumor probably wouldn’t pass the sniff test, but insider TimDog, who previously leaked accurate information about the Xbox Series X, tweeted the 4chan rumors, saying he’s heard something similar…

Oh, and longtime Xbox insider Klobrille also popped into the conversation to post…a picture of a squirrel eating a nut. Interpret that how you will.

Timdog’s tweets aren’t 100 percent clear, but my feeling is he’s mainly vouching for the idea Microsoft will be holding two events over the coming months, rather than any of the specific game details. Even if the 4chan post is a fabrication, it seems they may have stumbled on some real information. So, take the rumors about the upcoming Xbox events with the usual grain of salt, and the information about specific games with a whole shaker full.

Anyways, what do you think? When will the next big Xbox digital events be happening and what games do you expect to see revealed?

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