Fortnite Season 3 Delay Announced by Epic

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We’ve seen the delay of so many titles as a result of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. From games like The Last of Us Part II, Wasteland 3 and even Minecraft Dungeons, the list is likely to increase. Indeed, the list may have increased due to Epic Games announcing the delay of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3.

Honestly, the day to day running and updating of free-to-play games isn’t something that crossed my mind when thinking about the video game setbacks to be found in the pandemic. It should have because titles like Fortnite require as much time and manpower as any other game out there.

While Coronavirus isn’t specifically mentioned, the timing certainly seems to indicate at least some blame as to the working restrictions due to Coronavirus. Epic announced a delay of a little over one month. Fortnite Episode 2, Season 2 was scheduled to have ended on the 30th of April, with it now seeing a delay to the 4th of June. This is what was said on the Epic Games website:

Hey all,

We’re extending Chapter 2 – Season 2 of Fortnite beyond the original April 30 date. Our plan is to launch Chapter 2 – Season 3 on June 4.

Before then, there’s lots of content coming in the current Season. We have multiple game updates on the way that will deliver fresh gameplay, new Challenges, bonus XP, and a couple more surprises up our sleeve

For continued updates on the new Fortnite Season and other plans, we’ll keep you up to speed here and on our social channels.

See you on the Island!

– The Fortnite Team

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen extensions to Fortnite seasons. The very first season of this second chapter of the game was delayed by an even longer period of time, though that was for extra content to be developed and pushed for the winter-holiday period. While there is extra content coming in this now extended season, the statement does indicate that more content is coming, though likely already developed and the delay is as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Still, if you play Fortnite, the delay is only for a little over a month and the extra time could help develop season 3 far beyond what fans are expecting. There’s little doubt that with the latest large updates, moving first into chapter 2 and then its second season, Epic is always happy to make large changes.

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