‘Far Cry 6’ trailer introduces Giancarlo Esposito’s ruthless dictator

'Far Cry 6' trailer introduces Giancarlo Esposito's ruthless dictator

Far Cry 6 is coming on Feb. 18, 2021 and it’s bringing the same sense of menace that made Breaking Bad such a nail-biter, thanks to Giancarlo Esposito. Ubisoft’s first trailer takes a cinematic look at the game set in the fictional South American(?) nation of Yara.

There’s not much to glean about what this new Far Cry will do differently than the others. But with Esposito (and perhaps his son) playing the apparent villain, you can bet it won’t be an easy ride.

Before you go, make sure to educate yourself on the toxic workplace stories that have been coming out of Ubisoft. There’s a great many people working at the company who shouldn’t suffer for failures in management, but you should also be aware of the behavior of the company that pays for these popular games. Read more…

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