Jenny Slate’s wedding email mixup story is every couple’s nightmare

Jenny Slate's wedding email mixup story is every couple's nightmare

If you’re going to send out email invites for the most important day of your life, it’s important to get those addresses right.

Jenny Slate knows this all too well. As she explains to Jimmy Fallon in the clip above, she recently sent e-vites out for her wedding — but after a close friend didn’t RSVP, she realised she’d made a fatal error: messing up one letter in the email address.

Basically, she’d invited a total stranger to her wedding day.

“And not only was it like, ‘Jenny and Ben, June 2020, save the date,’ it was a picture of me and Ben, being like, ‘We are Jenny Slate and Ben Shattuck and we live here, this is our home address,'” Slate explains. Read more…

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