Microsoft Is Considering to Release Just One Windows 10 Feature Update a Year to Focus on Windows 10X

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Microsoft was initially planning to release Windows 10X, an “expression of Windows 10” as the company calls it, by the end of 2020. However, the pandemic hit and it significantly changed plans delaying the release of the dual-screen operating system to 2021. In the meantime, we heard that the Windows maker was considering to release Windows 10X for single-screen devices.

A new report suggests that Microsoft might only release one feature update a year for Windows 10 starting from next year to be able to focus on Windows 10X. “Microsoft may end up releasing just one feature update per year for Windows 10 starting in 2021 in order to free up more engineers to be able to focus on both Windows 10X and Windows 10,” ZDNet reports. “If that’s accurate, this would mean Microsoft will deliver Windows 10X releases in H1/spring seasons and new Windows 10 feature updates in H2/fall, moving forward.”

Microsoft has already finalized Windows 10 2020 H2 feature update, which means any changes in the release plans are going to start from next year.

This could be why Microsoft stopped matching new builds to specific Windows 10 feature updates

It’s worth to note here that the company also stopped matching Insider builds to specific versions of the operating system. This means that the new builds that are being tested by the Dev Channel, which should have been part of H1 2021 release, aren’t tied to that release. This resistance to match Insider builds with specific future feature updates may be another hint that the company is ready to move away from releasing two feature updates a year.

It’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft manages the major-minor cadence in this new plan as 2020 is the second year where the company is releasing the H2 update as a minor update to focus more on bug fixes than any exciting new features. This system helps users in getting a comparatively stable update after an H1 release that tends to be a bit buggy.

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