Cydia Substrate Updated With Partial Support for iOS 14 and Numerous Bug Fixes 

Cydia Substrate

If you’re into jailbreak, today’s news might entice you. That’s right, a new Cydia Substrate update has been released that brings major fixes to the table. One of the most important additions is that it reduces memory usage along with a plethora of other patches that make the overall experience more stable.

Partial Support for iOS 14 Added to Cydia Substrate Despite No Jailbreak for the Firmware

If you’re unfamiliar with Cydia Substrate, it is used to inject tweaks into the jailbreak whether its Unc0ver or Checkra1n jailbreaks. The latest build updates the version to v0.9.7105. The latest Substrate update adds fixes for bugs with Substrate extensions. It also adds partial support for iOS 14. Take note that there is currently no jailbreak for iOS 14 but it is good to see Saurik putting in the effort beforehand to add support for the upcoming firmware update. The developer has also released v0.9.7106 with new bug fixes that contribute in improved user experience.

Here is the entire changelog of the Cydia Substrate update:

Cydia Substrate 0.9.7105 uses slightly less memory (which is good) by also avoiding some key side effects with respect to library bundles (which is even better) but also attempts to prevent processes with memory limits from crashing due to Substrate extensions (as some processes fundamentally will have only just enough memory to run normally); it also fixes an issue on iOS 14 where Substrate failed to allow tvOS binaries to run on iOS (and vice versa).

There are Substrate alternatives like Substitute that provides a pass-through to inject jailbreak tweaks. However, it still needs to be perfected before it is coined as the perfect replacement. Cydia Substrate’s major drawback is that it only supports iPhone or iPad models with A11 chipsets or older. Moreover, Saurik looks least interested in making it available for newer chipsets.

What are your thoughts on the latest update?

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