Google will replace certain Nest thermostats that can’t connect to Wi-Fi

Google will replace certain Nest thermostats that can't connect to Wi-Fi

If you’re a Nest thermostat owner and you’ve been dealing with a “w5” error that prevents it from connecting to the internet, Google is willing to help.

The company has acknowledged the existence of a hardware fault leading to the w5 error some Nest owners have encountered. And while it’s still not clear exactly what is causing the problem, Google will replace thermostats if the normal troubleshooting steps fail.

The company confirmed as much in a statement provided to Android Police. 

“This does not affect the thermostat’s ability to control the customer’s heating and cooling system in the home, but does impact the user’s ability to manage the thermostat remotely,” a part of the statement reads. “If a user sees this [w5] error and it can’t be resolved through troubleshooting, they are prompted to contact customer support for assistance and will be issued a replacement device.” Read more…

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