VCE results revealed: Students celebrate after horror year

The COVID-19 class of 2020 have risen bright and early to search for their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank and study scores earned after 13 years of schooling. Just over 46,000 students will get an ATAR, after an increasing number decided to go unscored this year.

Bialik College’s median ATAR was 94.6, while almost half of its pupils got a 95 or above, and dux Zac Weller achieved a score of 99.9 Principal Jeremy Stowe-Lindner said the year level’s “menschlichkeit (individual and collective decency), community activism, mutual support, charitable activities and leadership are an inspiration to all of us”.
Xavier College’s dux, Nicholas Kennedy, scored a perfect 99.95 while the school’s median ATAR was 84.85, with a study score of 34.
Balwyn High student Chuting (Tina) Tang is one of just six females to get a perfect 99.95, with the top scorer group of 38 students dominated by boys.It’s the eighth year in the row the government school recorded a perfect ATAR, while a third of its class got a 90 and above.Chuting, an international student who has returned home to China, said her top score was a perfect end to a tough year.“It was so exciting to see the ‘99.95’ on my screen,” she said.“I want to tell future VCE students that, as long as you try your best with constant effort, nothing is impossible.”
Haileybury is celebrating its second-best result in the school’s history, with 94 per cent of students placing in the top 40% in the state.Two of its pupils — Jun Wen Lin and Oscar Jeffrey — got a 99.95.
Just over half of Wesley College’s senior group get their results today, with the rest completing the International Baccalaureate which returns scores on January 3.The school’s median ATAR was 75.40 while 16 per cent of students got a 90 and above.
Melbourne Grammar principal Philip Grutzner said with “flexibility, ingenuity and positivity”, the class of 2020 had adapted to a challenging learning environment.“We know these qualities will stand them in good stead, whatever their future holds,” he said.The school’s duxes, Eric Wang and Oscar Zhu, both achieved 99.95.
MLC congratulated three of its students who all got the same ATAR of 99.90 — Brooke Doolan, Anya Ross and Devyn Ross.Principal Diana Vernon said this year level had been “stretched and challenged more than any other”.“We are all immensely proud of their results and I am particularly proud of the perseverance and the resilience our Class of 2020 demonstrated during the year,” she said.“Alongside this, their positivity, their support for each other and their compassion for the wider community were truly impressive and undoubtedly helped them through.“These are qualities that aren’t reflected in an ATAR, but it is important to acknowledge the impressive levels of personal leadership and maturity our students have each shown — they are indeed world-ready.”Every student at Loreto Mandeville had an ATAR above the state median, while just under a third of pupils were ranked in the top 5 per cent of the state.The school had 15 perfect study scores of 50.A quarter of Firbank Grammar’s students received ATARs over 95, while just under half got a 90 and above.Principal Jenny Williams congratulated all senior students, including duxes Vivian Zhou and Yi (Jennifer Liu) who earned a rank of 99.7.“They are strong, they are courageous, and they are now ready for the next exciting steps in their lives,” she said.A third of McKinnon Secondary pupils got an ATAR of 80 and above, with a median study score of 33.The public school’s principal Pitsa Binnion said the students’ results “prove how well they adapted” with remote learning.

Brighton Grammar dux Jaikob Akinci, who got a perfect 99.95, said: “I sat at my computer in the morning refreshing the page every second, and when I finally clicked through to the ATAR it happened so suddenly that I took a few moments to take it all in,” he said.“My parents and brothers were so happy and I’m really grateful for all that they did for me throughout this year.”One in 20 studetns at Mentone Girls’ Grammar got a rank of 99 and above, with dux Ella Phillips achieving a perfect 99.95.Five per cent of the class achieved ATAR’s above 99, with 17 per cent scoring over 95.At St Albans Secondary College, dux Aaron Tran-Hoang said his ATAR of 99 was “completely unexpected”, and would not have to make good on a bet with his mates to shout an Airbnb if he got 99 or above.“It was pretty surreal, I had all my mates around me,” he said.“We were all around the computer. The screen popped up and we were going crazy.”
Presbyterian Ladies’ College’s median ATAR was 93.2, while 13 per cent of kids achieved a rank of 99 and above.“Their brilliant results are a testament not only to their hard work but also reflects the tremendous love, care and support that our College community has provided to these amazing, resilient and inspiring girls,” principal Cheryl Penberthy said.

Public school Mordialloc College is celebrating its first ever perfect ATAR of 99.95 achieved by David Le.David got two perfect study scores of 50 and hopes to get into biomedicine.Principal Michelle Roberts described the students’ results as “absolutely sensational”.“Overall, our students have performed exceptionally — such persistence and positivity amid the challenges of remote learning,” she said.Their median study score was 30 — the magic number meaning the class’s score was above average — while 11 per cent of pupils earned ATARs in the 90s.
Camberwell Grammar — which had three pupils get a perfect 99.95 — had a third of its cohort achieve a 95 and above.Headmaster Dr Paul Hicks said the school was “very proud of our students today given the unprecedented obstacles they had to overcome this year”.“Their results are a credit to them and to their teachers who worked so hard to deliver their programs in new and innovative ways”.
Glen Eira College recorded its highest ever median study score of 31, an improvement on last year’s 30.“We are very, very proud of them and grateful to the work of our staff,” Glen Eira College principal Sheereen Kindler said.
Mount Scopus had one in five of its VCE students achieve an ATAR of 98 or above.The school had two students — Joshua Golshevsky and Marty Schwarz — receive a perfect ATAR of 99.95, and had 10 perfect study scores of 50.
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Principal Rabbi James Kennard said the move back and forth from online to on-site learning and maintaining motivation was “exceptionally demanding for our students”.“We are therefore prouder than ever at their achievements, and we thank their teachers for their endless support and commitment,” he said.
At Korowa Anglican Girls’, more than half its pupils achieved an ATAR of 90 or above, with a median rank across its cohort of 91.27.Korowa principal Helen Carmody said the class of 2020 “had to work incredibly hard, adapting to new ways of learning and connecting throughout the year”.“Despite the challenges they have supported one another and together with the support of their families and teachers achieved these outstanding results,” she said.
Lauriston Girls’ recorded a median ATAR of 87.2 with 41 per cent of pupils getting a rank above 90.
Penleigh and Essendon Grammar’s senior cohort achieved a median ATAR of 88.45.

Statewide, the class of 2020 achieved an average ATAR of 68.14.Girls outranked boys, with ATARs of 69.45 and 66.60 respectively.A total 38 pupils earned the top rank of 99.95 — 32 of them male.ST ALBANS DUX FORCED TO FORK OUT AFTER SCORING 99St Albans Secondary College dux Aaron Tran-Hoang received a score of 99 and the school had two students with perfect scores in Further Mathematics.Aaron said it was completely unexpected.He jokingly made a bet with his friends that he would shout them an Airbnb if received 99 – not expecting he would have to follow through.“It was pretty surreal, I had all my mates around me. We were all around the computer. The screen popped up and we were going crazy.”“I was pretty laid back this year, it was more about balance and preparation and distributing my study periods with my leisure time. Especially during covid, it was hard to sit down all day. It was good to talk to friends and do some sports.”

“A lot of my motivation came from my friend group and how we pushed each other to do well. If I were by myself, I wouldn’t have done as well because it’s just a bit tiring and boring but if you have friends with you to push you, I think it really helps.”Aaron hopes to attend the University of Melbourne and study either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Biomedical science.Aaron studied Chemistry, Specialist Maths, Methods, English, Japanese in 2020 and Biology in 2019.Principal Kerrie Dowsley said the schools results were really pleasing, particularly after a difficult 2020.“They were just a real testament to the perseverance, the creativity and adaptability of our teachers and students.”“It was from the sheer hard work of so many people and their families. It really was a whole of community effort to achieve what the students achieved and staff.”“It’s always been about students leaving schools with options and having pathways open before them – and it’s more important than ever.”The school had a median score of 30, with 7.9 per cent of students with study scores of 40 plus and 36 per cent with ATARs of 80 and over.MORDIALLOC’S RECORD BREAKING STUDENT Mordialloc College’s David Le was delighted with his 99.95 ATAR score, the first in the school’s history.David, who will turn 18 in March, said he was hoping for a score of 99 but was delighted with the score of 99.95 which will ensure entry into biomedicine at Melbourne University.“A friend asked me if I was happy and I hadn’t even looked, but when I saw my mark I was In complete shock,” he said.David completed two subjects last year and four this year at the government school.He said while the lockdown had its challenges it did help him focus.“There were ups and downs. It gave me freedom to focus to work hard on my subjects and work independently,” he said.“But it was a struggle because we have not been able to socialise.”David said today he would celebrate with family who were “proud but not jumping up and down” and tomorrow he would catch up with friends.“I would like to thank the teachers who helped during the year.”Mordialloc College principal Michelle Roberts said she was delighted with the school’s first 99.95 ATAR and the overall performance of students.“Overall, our students have performance exceptionally – such persistence and positivity amid the challenges of remote learning. I have a fantastic group of Year 12 teachers who have supported them the whole way through. Remote learning may not have always been easy but through the collective efforts of everybody we made it work.” The school achieved a median study score of 30, with 11 per cent of students in the 90s. STUDENTS WITH PERFECT 99.95 ATARSBalwyn High — 1 (Chuting (Tina) Tang)Brighton Grammar — 1 (Jaikob Akinci)Camberwell Grammar — 3 (Jamie Garnham, Ryan Tam, Tory Cosgrove)Haileybury — 2 (Jun Wen Lin, Oscar Jeffrey)Melbourne Grammar School — 2 (Eric Wang, Oscar Zhu)Mentone Girls’ Grammar — 1 (Ella Phillips)Mordialloc College — 1 (David Le)Mount Scopus — 2 (Joshua Golshevsky, Marty Schwarz)PEGS — 2 (Eric Lee, John Miao)Xavier — 1 (Nicholas Kennedy)

Pupils can access their ATAR and study scores online through the VCE Results and ATAR app or by going on the Results and ATAR website.From midday, students who applied to VTAC can view their ATAR on their VTAC account.Printed results will also arrive in some students’ mailboxes from January 8.VTAC director Catherine Wills congratulated students on getting through a year with extended periods of remote learning.“All students who were able to complete the VCE in 2020 should be proud of what they have achieved, and confident of their ability to successfully navigate their next steps,” she said.Course preferences should be changed on students’ VTAC account before 12pm on January 4 ahead first round offers, which will be released on January 14.Students with questions about their results can call VCAA on 9637 3877 (metro) or 1800 653 080 (free call) until the end of January 2021.PREMIER SENDS MESSAGE OF SUPPORTPremier Daniel Andrews sent out a message to the class of 2020, stating he was proud of them and “don’t worry if today’s not your day”.

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