Mick Gatto’s seaside semi-retirement

La bella vita!Speaking from Casa Gatto, the building industry “mediator” told Page 13 he is “semi-retired”.The big man raises nary an eyebrow as he strolls down the aisles at Richie’s IGA supermarket in the sleepy seaside town.These days, he’s more involved in promotion than mediation.

When the now dearly departed Jerry Lewis came to Melbourne to raise money for muscular dystrophy, the $1000-a-seat fundraiser was sold out within minutes, thanks to Gatto.“When Mick rings, he doesn’t ask if you’d like a table, but whether you are buying just one or two,” said a contributor who got the call.Now the former heavyweight boxer is spruiking a rumble in the Bendigo jungle between Anthony Mundine and Michael Zerafa on March 13. Gatto pulled the trigger and it’s close to a sellout.“I do give it my best shot,” says Gatto. “You could say it’s my forte.”Those who didn’t get the Gatto call-up can live stream the event via Mundine. TV or Zerafa. TV, Gatto says he would like a draw so he could promote a rematch. He leaves the organising side to licensed pal Brian Amatruda.Who will be sitting in the ringside seats? Gatto is not saying, he’s not the type to start singing names. “They probably wouldn’t like the exposure” he laughs.Gatto says his own boxing days are well behind him. “I’m now more like a sumo wrestler.”He’s stacked on a few extra kegs during the pandemic. “Too much pudding.”There is often 13 at lunch at Mt Martha, counting kids and grandkids.Gatto’s ultimate opponent? “My wife, but I’d smother her with love.”

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