Dead By Daylight Debuts Moments of Growth Collection Outfits

Get ready for Dead by Daylight’s Stranger Things characters to get a little more fashionable. Developer Behaviour Interactive announced the Moments of Growth Collection, which just debuted in-game as premium purchasable DLC.

The collection comes with three new outfits for Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, and even the Demogorgon (because monsters need some love too).

Nancy fans can grab the Days of Rose outfit, which comes with an Elegant Simplicity head, a hairstyle with her hair pulled back, the Rose Cardigan, and her Indiana Skirt for a more modest, professional look.

Steve Harrington’s High School Hunk look is fit for a prom king. It comes with his signature hairstyle that we all know and love, The Harrington. It also comes with a long-sleeve shirt and khakis, naturally.

The Demogorgon doesn’t get clothes per se, but stony growths from its body that come in the form of Rock Jaw, Armored Plate, and Crag Claw.

Hawkins, Indiana isn’t the first place Dead by Daylight players have gotten to visit. They’ve also had a chance to check out denizens from the freaky world of Silent Hill, thanks to a new set of Silent Hill-themed DLC that featured Pyramid Head, Cheryl Mason, and a variety of skins as well as a whole new map.

What property will Dead by Daylight feature in the future? Will there be more Stranger Things goodies whenever the next season arrives? We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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