3AW breakfast host’s exciting new move

The talented radio producer and presenter filled in for Ross Stevenson and John Burns (and more recently Russell Howcroft) and also hosted Saturday morning food program A Moveable Feast with Ross, before resigning last year to take on a communications role at the Department of Transport.Stevenson, who worked at 3AW for 14 years, is excited to be returning to radio much sooner than expected with her new show, Relish, which will air on Saturday mornings at 8am from this week and will focus on food, wine and travel.“The ACE Radio guys (owners of 3MP) got in touch and asked if I would be interested to which I went well, I adored radio, and it was tough to step away from, and when it’s something smaller and still is your passion, I thought that might actually be an option,” she says.“They said we want it to be something that works for you and something that works for us on air, so let’s talk about how that can happen.”Stevenson admits it was hard to walk away from the successful A Moveable Feast when she opted for new challenges away from 3AW.“I adored it and it was lovely to be part of something that was new for the station. There hadn’t been a lot of change on the weekends for a long time so to be part of that from its inception and to grow into what it was, was brilliant. So yeah, it definitely was tough to have to walk away from.”But she says her former co-host and top rating breakfast host Ross is supportive of her new show.“I called him to let him know that I was doing it and he was amazing,” she says.“He’s a good bloke and it’s funny, he has always talked about Melbourne and Sydney being different countries, not just different cities. And one of the examples he uses is that camaraderie, not just in the media but even across something like radio.”“He’s got great mates across Melbourne radio and I was pretty confident that he would be very happy and he was, so it was nice to hear.”Stevenson is looking forward to highlighting and supporting Melbourne and regional small businesses, particularly in light of all they have endured through COVID.“We know there are plenty of industries across Australia and the world that have really been hit hard by the events of the last 12 months or even longer,” she says.“But we do know that particularly hospitality in a city like Melbourne, that really prides itself on being a culinary and a tourism capital.”“I think what some of those businesses have been through within the last 12 months and how they’ve held themselves and been able to continue is amazing.” “I think it’s a really nice time to be able to create something that hopefully should support them in doing that and then continuing and encouraging people to really embrace that and to support them.”

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