Massive list of restrictions to ease

NSW recorded a 38th consecutive day of no locally acquired cases of COVID-19 while the Pfizer vaccine rollout continues. One case was recorded in an overseas traveller.On Wednesday, Ms Berejiklian revealed 50 people will now be allowed inside a private home, up from the current limit of 30.“Please remember this comes with risk; make sure there is good ventilation and good social distancing,” she told media.“Make sure no-one comes into your house with symptoms who has not been tested; please be careful if you are taking up this opportunity. “You can have 50 people at your house, but you need to do so with caution and you need to make sure that everybody is following COVID rules.”Weddings will now be allowed to have 30 people on the dancefloor while the premier also said health officials would look into relaxing the current cap of 300.Singers who are performing indoors will also be increased to 30, up from five, providing they obey physical distancing requirements.“You can now have 30 people on the dance floor at any one time and it does not have to be the same 30 people,” Ms Berejiklian said.“Essentially, each guest will be able to have a dance but only 30 at a time. That is to make sure we reduce the risk of super-spreading events but we also acknowledge that industry has been hit hard.“We appreciate what an important day it is for those who are getting married during this time. If things continue to go well, we will re-evaluate the 300 cap … we are looking to ease that in the next three weeks or so.”Gyms will also be allowed to have 50 people in classes, up from 30, providing the gym adheres to the one person per four sqm rule.Punters at pubs and restaurants may also be allowed to stand up and have a drink if the state continues to record no local cases of COVID-19. Ms Berejiklian said the aim for that rule easing is March 17.“As you see, these are a combination of very positive easing of restrictions,” Ms Berejiklian said.“The vaccine rollout is starting and we are confident that people will take up the opportunity for the vaccine. In the meantime, we have to be as vigilant as ever. “We have to make sure we do not become complacent, that we stick to the COVID restrictions and rules to make sure that all of us stay protected.”

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