St Kilda schoolgirl’s ‘emotional’ cancer update

Ametoglou, previously known as Kimberley Duthie, is releasing a tell-all book about her life which included making headlines in 2010 and 2011 after leaking nude photos of St Kilda players and being caught in a hotel room with player manager Ricky Nixon.She is posting updates on her cancer journey for her followers who she credits for keeping her spirits high.The mum of one earlier this month revealed another shock cancer diagnosis after battling cervical cancer and undergoing a hysterectomy.After assuring her followers she was recovering well, she said she was devastated that surgery had uncovered a rare tumour.Following a recent holiday with her son, she was back in hospital on Tuesday.“Real and raw effects of cancer — I’m brave… but to be honest I’m still so scared and that’s OK to not be OK sometimes — I’m just a bit emotional at the moment so sorry about that but I just wanted to share my journey — but I am grateful for all your support, it gives me strength and hope. You all make me feel like a warrior,” she wrote.The mum of a four year-old son with husband Demirel Ametoglou, says she has been overwhelmed by support for her personal journey to heal and recover.She also wrote on Tuesday: “Another day, another gown. 3rd hospital for the week now..“Thank you for all your endless support for my journey I am battling #cancerawareness.“Staying positive despite my whole vein just being blown… meaning they can no longer use that arm for treatment anymore… it’s painful and bad luck — but it’s OK.“Now waiting for a specialist to come in and ultrasound my body to find another site to insert the cannula. That hurt like hell but it’s really crucial for these scans that I have the dye contrast in my veins for so they can pinpoint where to start treatment.“Unfortunately things like this can happen and it’s just my luck but I’m also so so grateful to have such an amazing team looking after me and always making sure I’m okay. #cancerawareness.”Ametoglou, who runs an eyelash salon in Queensland and is a crypto trader, was again holding the “angel bunny” she said her son gave her before her last surgery. Her mother was also with her in the hospital.Since making it public that she will tell her story, Ametoglou says she’s accepting media requests and bids for the rights.“This is one of the most challenging things I have ever done, reminiscing on past traumas and a time in my life that I was at absolute rock bottom,’’ she said at the time.“I wanted to be able to share what I couldn’t say 10 years ago during many TV interviews.“NDA contracts have finally expired now it’s 2021 and it’s my chance to finally close a chapter.”She added: “This will be a factual version of events vs. a former fictional soap opera.”She said her Instagram family had helped her through dark times and that she and her husband would be reuniting after some time apart due to COVID-19 and border restrictions.“We rekindled last year in June & are happier than ever, a break has made us realise how much we missed & loved each other,’’ she said.

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