The Most Comfortable Sweatpants According To R29 Editors & Readers

Ever since we traded in our office outfits for more casual WFH wardrobes, sweatpants have skyrocketed from the bottom drawer to the forefront of our closets. And, with winter in full effect, there’s no better choice in versatile stay-at-home attire than this loungewear staple. In an effort to narrow down the best of the best, we went straight to the sweatpants’ source: you.

We started our hunt inside Refinery29’s Slack channels, where a passionate discussion ensued about which sweatpants reign supreme. We then asked our dedicated readers (aka you!) to spill the beans on which comfy pants are must-buy material — and the ensuing style recs did not disappoint. Read on to peep what we, you, and your crew are lounging in (with sweatpant-selfies included): there’s everything from cotton-fleece classics perfect for working cross-legged on the couch to modern-tailored pairs stylish enough to wear with loafers for a double-masked coffee run.

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Lululemon Scuba High-Rise Jogger Fleece

“I’ve had these pants for a few years and they STILL win my #1 Quarantine Sweats award. They are warm and presentable enough to wear to the grocery store but also comfy enough to hop in bed with. Most of my other sweats are under $20 and on their last leg (no pun intended), so sometimes paying extra actually goes a long way. Lululemon sweatpants are dangerous because I want to wear them all of the time, but I feel like that’s how you know you snagged a great pair of sweats. (Not 100% this pair is the same exact one but the essence is still there).” – Alexandra Polk, R29 Associate Deals Writer

lululemon Scuba High-Rise JoggerFleece 28″, $, available at lululemon

Alo Muse Sweatpants

“Alo Muse Sweatpants are like butter, are lux comfy and fit every shape and height.” – Kathy, R29 Reader

Alo Yoga Muse Sweatpant, $, available at Alo Yoga

Lou & Grey Tie Dye Terry Sweatpants

“Lou & Grey Tie Dye Terry Sweatpants” – Sandy, R29 Reader

Lou & Grey Tie Dye Terry Sweatpants, $, available at LOFT

Uniqlo Pile-Lined Sweatpants

“They’re so soft and warm. It’s windchill -4 F today and I have a dog, so have to go outside.” – Candice, R29 Reader

Uniqlo Pile-Lined Sweatpants, $, available at Uniqlo

Sweaty Betty Gary Yoga Trousers

“There are two versions; the spring/summer fairly light version and the thicker luxe version. Both are super soft, really comfy, and don’t make my @ss look huge! (In fact, they’re really flattering!) I virtually live in these and have them in pretty much all the colours! I always get compliments when I wear them too.” – Jennie, R29 Reader

Sweaty Betty Gary Yoga Trousers, $, available at Nordstom

MATE Organic Terry Front Pocket Sweatpant

“While these pear-colored sweats certainly cost a pretty penny, they’ve proven themselves to be well worth the investment. They strike the ideal balance of being comfy enough to sleep in (crafted from a very soft organic-cotton terry) while also cute enough to dress up (thanks to a retro-style crop-flare/high-low hem). I appreciate the deep front pockets (for stuffing my always cold hands into) and the addition of a drawstring waist (that I can either loosen or tighten depending on the day I’m having). If you’re still guffawing at the $$$, then consider this: all of MATE’s pieces are sustainably made here in the U.S. with a localized supply chain and the use of recycled shipping practices.” – Elizabeth Buxton, R29 Editor

Mate Organic Terry Front Pocket Sweatpant, $, available at Mate the Label

Babes Comfy Joggers

“I love my Babes Comfy Collection sweats (and everything by them, really). The joggers are comfortable, thick enough to wear any color underwear underneath, and have stood the test of time without getting those annoying lint balls. I ended up getting a few colors and the matching hoodies! Bonus points that the brand is Black woman-owned and size-inclusive.” – Brittany, R29 Reader

Babes Comfy Jogger, $, available at Babes

Kotn Ribbed Lounge Pant

“My favourite pair of sweatpants are a flared, ribbed pair from Canadian brand Kotn. They’re honestly like wearing a cloud and when paired with the matching relaxed polo, make me feel put together on work ZOOM calls.” – Katherine Singh, R29 Canada Staff Writer

Kotn Ribbed Lounge Pant, $, available at Kotn

ASOS 4505 Unisex Oversized Sweatpants

” bought these (and the matching zip up sweatshirt) pretty recently, and have worn them more than any other pair of sweats in my collection. They’re super comfy and roomy, the material is great for the price, and I love the adjustable waistband. While they’re a little long on my 5’1 frame, the elasticated cuffs keep them from looking too sloppy if I run a quick grocery trip while wearing them. I’m thinking of buying a second pair in their other colorways soon.” – Lizzy Gulino, R29 Health & Wellness Writer

ASOS 4505 Unisex Oversized Sweatpants, $, available at ASOS

Lou & Grey Signature Softblend Wide Leg Pant

“Soooo soft with stretch and fabric return 2nd-Long enough (I take a 30” inseam) 3rd-Can do a super casual t-shirt, sneakers or mules and cashmere sweater 4th-Easily wash and dryable! So basically I have stood by my dryer in my undies waiting to put them on because I wear them all the time! I did buy this style last year but they have a similar pair in stock all the time. Truthfully, except for some of my J Crew cashmere, Lou&Grey s clothing, leggings, and especially the sweater sweats have dominated my clothing choices for months now. I just hope the “love” that makes L&G so special will continue as they are reabsorbed by The Loft” – Larissa, R29 Reader

Lou & Grey Signature Softblend Wide Leg Pants, $, available at LOFT

Girlfriend R&R Jogger

“Sustainable/ recycled materials, body positivity, gender fluid/neutral. Best company ever. It’s what we need in 2021.” – Katie, R29 Reader

Girlfriend R&R Jogger, $, available at Girlfriend

Richer Poorer Recycled Fleece Sweatpant

“I love these sweatpants because they’re just the right amount of baggy without being extremely oversized (I’m 5’1″ for reference). They’re super soft, come in a nice range of interesting colors, and are made of 40% recycled materials.” – Kate Spencer, R29 Creative & Updates Editor

Richer Poorer Recycled Fleece Sweatpant, $, available at Richer Poorer

Madewell Superbrushed Easygoing Sweatpant

“Madwell’s Superbrushed! Soo soft!” – Gemma, R29 Reader

Madewell MWL Superbrushed Easygoing Sweatpants, $, available at Madewell

The Pangaia Recycled Cotton Track Pants

“They’re incredibly cozy and the most comfortable pair I own. The company is dedicated to helping save the environment by using as many sustainable and recyclable materials as possible. Knowing they’re eco-friendly makes the splurge all the more gratifying.” – Roxy, R29 Reader

The Pangaia Heavyweight Recycled Cotton Track Pants, $, available at The Pangaia

Wild Fable High-Rise Sweatpants

“I found these sweatpants during one of my (many) emotional support trips to my favorite suburban Target. At the time, they looked like any other sweatpants I was seeing all over. But they were $15 and high waisted apparently. I picked up the matching cropped crewneck as well and boom — just like that they became my top-tier sweatsuit. I love the way the high waisted sweatpants look paired with the oversized cropped crewneck. I feel a tad more put together than I do when I’m wearing my saggy butt sweatpants that I’ve had since quarantine season 1. I will be purchasing another color as soon as they’re back in stock in my sizes!” – Hannah Bullion, R29 Social Media Editor

Wild Fable High-Rise Sweatpants, $, available at Target

AE OFFLINE Sherpa Jogger

“They have TEXTURE and I love wearing them in the house but can also wear them outside with a cute sneaker and it won’t look like I just rolled out of bed with straight pajamas on.” – Cortne Bonilla, R29 Lifestyle Writer

OFFLINE Sherpa Jogger, $, available at AE

Hanes Men’s Ultimate Cotton Fleece Pant

“They are inexpensive (!!), they have pockets, they cinch at the bottom, they’re mostly cotton. They’re a great classic sweatpant. They’re men’s, so I used the size chart to figure out my size; they were WAY too big, but they shrunk to perfect after one wash.” – Mirel Zaman, R29 Sr. Health & Wellness Editor

Hanes Men’s Ultimate Cotton Fleece Pant, $, available at Amazon

Puma Essentials Sweatpants

“I was definitely late to the sweatpant party over the past year, not because I have anything against the (formerly controversial) garment, but because up until recently everything in my closet could be categorized as either outdoor clothes or pajamas, with little room (literally, it’s a pretty small closet) for something in between. But I eventually gave into the appeal of sweatpants as hybrid attire when I found this pair by Puma: structured enough to work with an oversized blazer à la Hailey Bieber for lockdown walks, yet roomy enough to support an hours-long Netflix binge.” – Amanda Randone, R29 Freelance Writer

PUMA Essentials Sweatpants, $, available at Amazon

The Roam Joggers

“The Roam Joggers by Feat.” – Michelle, R29 Reader

feat The Roam Joggers, $, available at feat

Ilana Kohn Terry Abe Pant

“I’ve never been much of a loungewear gal. But since I got these a little over a year ago, I can’t wear anything else. They’re not only comfy but cool enough to go out and about and get all the compliments!” – Chichi Offor, R29 Associate Writer

Ilana Kohn Terry Abe Pant, $, available at Ilana Kohn

Uniqlo Pile-Lined Sweatpants

“I literally have nothing bad to say about these Uniqlo sweatpants, which I own in charcoal grey. The price is right, the fleece lining is deliciously soft, and they magically don’t make the lower half of body look like a potato. As a 5’2″ petite queen, shopping for pants (of any kind) can sometimes be a struggle, but the length of these ankle-length sweats is truly perfect.” – Karina Hoshikawa, R29 Beauty & Wellness Writer

Uniqlo Pile-Lined Sweatpants, $, available at Uniqlo

Aritzia Tna COZY Fleece Mega Sweatpant

“I have these in white so they feel like fancy sweats (or maybe that’s because I’m afraid to stain them?) either way, super happy with this purchase!” – Nadia Ebrahim, R29 Canada Social Media Editor

TNA Cozy Fleece Mega Sweatpant, $, available at Aritzia

Adidas Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Pants

“I have spent the entire pandemic in these pants. I got a pair in April and have barely taken them off. They are perfectly high rise, neutral so they go with everything, and totally stylish enough to still wear to the grocery store when I can’t be bothered to put jeans on.” – Hannah Rimm, R29 Lifestyle & Money Diaries Associate Editor

Adidas Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Pants, $, available at Adidas

Bobeau Brushed Jogger Pant

“I’m obsessed with my Bobeau Brushed Jogger Pants. They are as soft as a newborn kitten’s fur, lightweight, and incredibly cozy. I actually got them prior to the pandemic, but dug them out of the back of my closet when I realized we’d be hunkering down and working from home long term. You can wear them to a Zoom meeting or sleep in them. And of all the pants I’ve worn in my time on this Earth, this is the pair that comes the closest to making feel like I’m wearing none at all.” – Molly Longman, R29 Wellness Writer

Bobeau Brushed Jogger Pants, $, available at Nordstrom

LA12ST Soft Jogger Pants

“These sweatpants are some of the softest things I have ever felt. They have a more tapered fit so they look more pulled together when you go out for your daily quarantine vitamin D walk. The material is a similar softness to the holy grail align leggings but the loser jogger fit somehow makes it more comfortable – which I didn’t even think was possible. Plus – prime, under $15 bucks, there’s not much more you can ask for” – Jen, R29 Reader

LA12ST Soft Jogger Pants, $, available at Amazon

Storyline Collection Perfect Pant

“Storyline Collection Perfect Pant A.K.A. my straight leg sweatpants. I love the fabric (soft, 4 way stretch, moisture wicking). I can wear them to lounge on the couch, do yoga, attend a zoom meeting, go to the grocery, whatever my life story is that day.” – Amy, R29 Reader

Storyline Collection Perfect Pant, $, available at Storyline Collection

Blackbough Swim Chase Sweatpants

“Still not over tie-dyed fleece, the fabric of our quarantine lives, and this Creamsicle-colored pair has proven to be unusually useful in a season where a Trophy Pant is crucial (because your legs are all you can see under a big coat). The slightly cropped trouser break is great with mini Uggs and a clashy sock, and the front is cut flat enough to not puff out, while still leaving enough slack to do a Chloe Ting abs routine without any crotch ride-up.” – Chelsea, R29 Staffer

Blackbough Swim Chase Sweatpants, $, available at Blackbough Swim

Haven Well Within Lightweight Cloud Fleece Jogger

“These are the best looking, best made, most comfortable pair of sweatpants I have ever worn. I immediately ordered two more pairs. They wash beautifully and I am glad to see they are offering new colors for the spring. Worth every penny. I also ordered some tops, but they haven’t arrived yet. Highly, highly recommend.” – Frances, R29 Reader

Haven Well Within Lightweight Cloud Fleece Jogger, $, available at Haven Well Within

Province Of Canada Skinny French Terry Sweatpant

“These unisex darlings are slim fit (so I can almost pretend they are jeans) and so soft and fuzzy on the inside. Plus, they are made in Canada! Tip: Size up for a slouchy Hailey Bieber-inspired look.” – Carli Whitwell, R29 Canada Deputy Editor

Province of Canada Skinny French Terry Sweatpant, $, available at Province of Canada

Vintage 90s Adidas Track Pants

“Ok so technically they are tracksuit pants? But I thrifted mine at L Train Vintage in NYC for like $5. The thing I love is that the material dries really quickly and doesn’t stain easily.” Francky Knapp, Vice Affiliate Writer

icyvintage Vintage 90s Adidas Track-Pants, $, available at Etsy

Uprisers Gaia Tie Dye Bottoms

“The quality is amazing and I love the fact that the tie-dye is unique to every set. The colors allow me to match with any hoodie in my closet. ” – Marissa, R29 Reader

Uprisers Gaia Dye Bottoms, $, available at Uprisers

Aerie OFFLINE OTT Fleece Jogger

“The Aerie OFFLINE Ott Fleece jogger feel like BUTTER on your skin! Plus, the price is right.” – Meredith, R29 Reader

Aerie OFFLINE OTT Fleece Jogger, $, available at AE

Dear Golden Downy Knit Lounge Pant

“I don’t know the brand of these but they’re from my favorite boutique in Ann Arbor, Michigan called Dear Golden. I get complimented on them incessantly and they’re insanely comfortable.” – Marie, R29 Reader

Dear Golden Downy Knit Lounge Pant, $, available at Dear Golden

Softwear Jogger

“As the name suggests, there are the softest sweatpants and comfiest sweatpants that I have ever tried. I put them on — with the matching sweatshirt — as soon as they come out of the dryer.” – Irina Grechko, R29 Sr. Fashion & Culture Editor

Softwear Jogger, $, available at Softwear

Splendid Girl Supersoft Jogger

“Splendid’s Girls Joggers. I’m a little person and love these so much. They are so soft but they aren’t childish. I live in these. I have a few pair in different colors.” – Quita, R29 Reader

Splendid Girl Supersoft Jogger, $, available at Splendid

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