Now’s the time to finally invest in a VPN — and this one’s on sale

Now's the time to finally invest in a VPN — and this one's on sale

TL;DR: Stay safe online with, on sale for 92% off. As of March 15, get a 10 year subscription  for only $79.99.

Secure VPNs like work by encrypting your computer as you surf the internet, no matter where you are. If you have downloaded to your devices, you can log onto WiFi networks and hotspots and rest assured you’re browsing safely and securely. works by creating a tunnel that allows you to remain anonymous so you can appear to be wherever you want. Think of it as an invisibility cloak that hides you from all the hackers trying to steal your stuff. It uses high-strength 256-bit encryption, which doesn’t let anything slip through the cracks. Read more…

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