‘Leprechaun’ is the campy disaster your socially distanced St. Patrick’s Day needs

'Leprechaun' is the campy disaster your socially distanced St. Patrick's Day needs

Leprechaun is a terrible franchise, but there’s never been a better St. Patrick’s Day to binge it!

See, in non-pandemic times, I wouldn’t recommend watching one of horror’s schlockiest offerings — let alone all eight of its installments — when you could be out with friends. Who am I to stand between you and the promise of a well-deserved Guinness, whiskey shot, and/or a green outfit you definitely thought was cuter when you left the house? But these are dire times, at least for a little while longer. And for that, Leprechaun is absolutely perfect. 

Created by writer-director Mark Jones in the early ’90s, Leprechaun and its titular villain, named “Lubdan” and played by actor Warwick Davis for all but the last two films, is spectacularly messy.  It’s had half a dozen different directors, many more cast members, and a history that began even before the Scream franchise. The result, a wildly uneven blend of comedy and kills, has become an icon of B-level horror, 420-friendly cinema, and, of course, St. Patrick’s Day. It’s messy, it’s stupid, and it’s absolutely worth watching at least once. Read more…

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