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The 20th and final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians finally debuted its first episode today, and will run weekly for 12 episodes.In the hour-long episode we get an insight into the whole family’s emotional struggles, and we also see a teaser video of Kim having a breakdown saying, “I can’t do this anymore, I feel like a f***ing loser”.But there was not an official answer to the burning question that Kim and Kanye West are divorcing given the show began filming in early July last year, which was around the same time the pair first started having troubles that spilled over into the public eye.Kanye’s infamous Twitter meltdown – in which he accused Kim and her mother Kris Jenner of trying to “lock me up” – took place in late July.Here is everything that went down in episode one:‘HARDEST THING’ FOR KIMA bulk of Kim’s storyline in the first episode is her juggling her businesses while also studying a law degree and preparing for the ‘Baby Bar’ exam, a test to qualify for the official bar examination.While there’s no mention of Kanye, in one scene Kim does tell her family the kids are “in Wyoming”, where Kanye is thought to have been living for months on his ranch.“Quarantine has been the best thing for me because I can’t do anything. The kids are in Wyoming and that’s the hardest thing for me to be away from the kids, but I need to really dedicate myself (to study),” Kim tells her family over lunch.“I have to study 10-and-a-half hours a day.”Stream the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Foxtel Now. Get your 10-day free trial. Sign up at foxtel.com.auKRIS BREAKS DOWN In a bonus scene that didn’t make it to air, Kris is seen having an emotional breakdown amid a difficult time.Speaking to two of her fellow reality TV friends, Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick, at her holiday home in Palm Springs, Kris details how “hard” things have been back home in Los Angeles.She also breaks down about the end of KUWTK, which wrapped filming forever in January after 14 years.“I’m so sick and tired of everything going on in LA, and trying to pull it together, trying to be normal,” she says, seemingly in reference to the dramas surrounding Kim and Kanye.“Just … It’s hard, it’s just hard to think about the end (of the show).“It is complicated. It’s all these different personalities and people and kids and grandkids … And just thinking, ‘What’s the right thing for everybody? What’s the right moment?’“It’s been incredibly challenging, incredibly hard, and everybody in this room is my family.“They’re day one, season one, everything we’ve done, we’ve done together whether it’s a vacation, a birth, a marriage, a divorce.“Everything has been so public. It’s part of our life.” KHLOE’S BABY STRUGGLESIt’s been more than two years since Khloe gave birth to her first child, daughter True, who she shares with NBA player Tristan Thompson.The pair recently agreed to try for a second child, but Khloe says during the episode doctors warned her she was high risk for miscarrying.Khloe also reveals the pair aren’t together romantically so would conceive through IVF.Speaking to Kim, Khloe says: “I’m not going to get into specifics on camera but they said it’s an 80 something per cent chance I will miscarry. I almost miscarried with True at the beginning, but I didn’t know that was a lingering thing.” Kim, who has four children with Kanye West, welcomed three of her children via surrogacy. She advises Khloe to consider it if she wants another baby.“I honestly had the best experience with surrogacy, and I think, you know what giving birth feels like,” Kim said.“If you can do it, it’s an amazing experience, but you’ll see the love you have for your kids is exactly the same. There’s no difference except someone else was the carrier.”By the end of the episode, Khloe reveals she has three healthy embryos, and there was a 60 per cent chance each one would take.NED-3452-Kardashian-family-treeSCOTT ADDRESSES SOFIA BREAK-UPIn a heart-to-heart with Kourtney, Scott Disick talks about his split from model Sofia Richie after three years together.He insinuates the 22-year-old daughter of Lionel Richie felt “neglected” due to the amount of time Scott spends with Kourtney, the mother of his three children.“I’ve always been clear my priority has been my children, my life with them, and I even put it out there that taking care of you is one of my priorities,” Scott says.“I realise that Sofia has been an absolute trooper but the truth is anybody dating somebody is gonna feel neglected when their significant other is spending more time with their ex than with them.”Kourtney tells Scott, “I do think we have to be respectful of our relationship and make sacrifices for that if it means a lot to you.”Later in the episode it’s revealed Scott and Sofia attempt to repair their relationship, before it falls apart again.He is seen telling Khloe and Kim that Sofia wanted “to push Kourtney out”.“I said that’s the most important thing to me, my kids and my family,” Disick says.“And she (Sofia) was like, ‘I don’t wanna share you as a boyfriend with Kourtney.’ And then she said with an ultimatum, ‘You have to choose … Me or Kourtney.’“It just became an impossible relationship to keep carrying on with.”Keeping Up With The Kardashians S20 airs weekly on E! on Foxtel on Fridays at 11am with 8.30pm encore or stream on hayuFoxtel is majority-owned by News Corp, publisher of this websiteNED-3294-NCA-App-Banner

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