‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ scores pandemic-best box office even though it’s also on HBO Max

'Godzilla vs. Kong' scores pandemic-best box office even though it's also on HBO Max

I’ve got to wonder how Christopher Nolan feels about all of this.

Might Godzilla vs. Kong have picked up a bigger U.S. box office for its opening weekend had Warner Bros. not set it for a simultaneous release on HBO Max as part of an inventive plan for its 2021 release slate? Sure. But that decision didn’t stop the studio’s latest blockbuster from marching to a pandemic-best performance in terms of ticket sales.

Godzilla vs. Kong set a number of COVID-era records with its U.S. release in theaters on March 31. It opened on more movie screens (3,064) than any other release since March 2020. It had the biggest opening day ($9.6 million) and the biggest day in general ($12.5 million, on Saturday) compared to all other movies in that time. And it recorded the biggest three-day ($32.2 million) and five-day weekends ($48.5 million) compared to the rest. Read more…

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