Sam Newman: ‘I knew she was dead’

A heartbroken Newman revealed the tragic details of Saturday night when he returned home after a day working on a boat with a friend and then having a meal of fish and chips in Werribee, to find his loved partner collapsed on the tiles outside their laundry.Newman had tried to call her six times in the hours before he made the shocking discovery, wondering why she had not picked up his calls.“I had been working on a boat, which Amanda hated incidentally, and I was working with someone on it 300 metres from where she was and Rod (Law), I rang him, and we were going down to get fish and chips to eat for dinner and I thought, ‘Amanda might want to come with us’,” Newman revealed on his You Cannot Be Serious podcast today.“We get down to where we were going, Kippers in Werribee, and I tried to ring her, I’d rang her six times. “We got down there and we were sitting around eating the fish and chips and I said ‘I wonder where Amanda is?’.“We were joking about she might be out at a venue, or at the pub or out with the girls, or doing something and I said, ‘She is probably lying dead up in the flat.’“So I get home and I walk in the door and the television is on in the bedroom and so I look down there and she is lying there on the tiles outside the laundry.“As soon as I saw her I knew she was dead.”Newman immediately called triple-0.“A very helpful person said ‘you better try to give CPR’ and she talked me through that and I have the phone on speaker phone and I am pumping this poor woman who is lying there looking so peaceful, to me obviously dead, but the operator said ‘just keep doing it in case there is a spark of life in her’.“So I did that for 20 minutes giving CPR to what I knew was a corpse.“Then everyone (the police and the ambulance) arrived.”MORE TO COME

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