What we know about the Gossip Girl reboot

And while much of the enamour with the original CW network series, which ran from 2007 to 2012, centred on the adored main characters (how does one measure up to Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf?) the fresh new cast looks equally as exciting, and more importantly, diverse.The show will officially drop locally on Binge on July 8, HBO announced last week.US actress Kristen Bell will return to reprise her narration of the elusive Gossip Girl, but the rest of the cast are fresh faces.Set eight years after the Gossip Girl website went dark following Dan Humphrey’s big reveal as GG, a new generation of private school teens are set become the target of her wrath.It’s also 2021, almost a decade on since the finale, so technology and social media has experienced a revolutionary upgrade.There will be references to the likes of Serena van der Woodsen and her comrades, and potentially even cameos. But this story is all about the new gang.So let’s meet the 2021 class of Manhattan’s elite:Stream Gossip Girl now on Binge, as well as the Gossip Girl reboot from July 8. New customers get a 14-day free trial and start streaming instantly. Sign up at binge.com.auMonet de HaanMonet de Haan could represent any one of the original cast members, described in Gossip Girl’s official promo photos with the single word: “Power.”US actress Savannah Lee Smith, 20, steps in to play Monet, whom many are speculating is going to be the dominating power player of the cast. We’re thinking a sprinkle of Serena van der Woodsen, a dash of Blair Waldorf and a whole lot of Chuck Bass.Side note, the name Monet is of French origin, which means “to be heard”. Julien CallowayCanadian actress Jordan Alexander, 27, is set to play Julien Calloway, who is described with one word: “Influence.”We think it’s safe to say Serena was the most influential the first time around, with all signs pointing at Julien as the new “”It” girl” of the Upper East Side.Otto ‘Obie’ Bergmann IVIf this character name doesn’t scream Chuck Bass, we don’t know what does.US actor Eli Brown, 21, forms part of the cast as Obie, whose sole description word is: “Privilege.”Boy billionaire anyone?Max WolfeScottish actor Thomas Doherty, 26, (who you’d recognise from the Descendants film franchise), will be playing the character Max Wolfe.Max is given the word “freedom” in his promo photo, which is far too vague to speculate. He does look like he’s masking a certain sadness, though. Rich guy destined to live a life he doesn’t want carved out by his parents? Just a stab in the dark.Kate KellerUS actress Tavi Gevinson, 25, entered the world of acting after she shot to fame at the age of 12 with her popular online fashion blog.Her character Kate’s description word is: “Ambition.”Given Gevinson’s own background with writing and social media, as well as the word “ambition”, this could very well be our outsider, Dan Humphrey.Audrey HopeUS actress Emily Alyn Lind is one of the youngest to join the cast at just 19.The choice of character name here (Audrey Hope) is interesting, given Blair Waldorf’s obsession with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.Audrey’s descriptive word is “grace”, which is very much an image the character of Blair wished to project to the world.Akeno ‘Aki’ MenziesWe’re calling it. This has to be the Nate Archibald.Described by the word “innocence”, Hawaii-born actor Evan Mock, 24, plays Aki in the rebooted series.And bonus, he has pink hair!Luna LaMexican-US actress Zion Moreno, 28, joins the gang as Luna La, who is given the word: “Style.”What is Gossip Girl without a style muse?While Jenny Humphrey was the budding fashion designer in the first series, Luna looks a little too confident and comfortable in this world to be the Little J type.Zoya LottUganda-born actress Whitney Peak is the youngest cast member at 18.Her character Zoya Lott is given the word “perspective”, which suggests she’s obviously a good person and probably not in the same wealth league as her classmates.Look out Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl is coming to Binge on July 8

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