Hint at post-split romance for Amie Rohan

And while the big Cat’s happiness was clear for all to see when he lovingly embraced and kissed Bennett as he played his 150th AFL game at the MCG last month, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive that his ex-wife, Amie Rohan, may also have taken some gentle steps back into the dating game.Word from the Western District is that Amie may have a budding friendship with a local country footy identity. Hopefully the rumours are true. Attempts to contact Amie failed last week, so if the happy whisper from the coast is on the money we wish her well.The Rohans made headlines last year when they separated during the AFL hub. Gary had travelled to Queensland with Geelong while Amie stayed in Victoria with their daughters, Bella and Sadie.He and Amie had gone through unimaginable grief when they lost Bella’s twin, Willow, at birth.The twins were born on April 12, 2018, but Willow — who suffered from a fatal neural tube defect with no cure known as anencephaly — passed away after just five hours.The football and wider community rallied around the young parents who bravely shared their heartbreaking loss.That same community celebrated the safe arrival of Sadie on March 30, 2020.However, sadly the couple’s marriage ended around July last year.Late last year, rumours surfaced that Rohan had found a supportive friendship with Bennett, who he is now dating.Amie meanwhile has recently taken on ambassadorial roles with the Good Friday Appeal, the One in Five charity and Red Nose Australia.

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