Overwatch is Finally Getting Crossplay on all Platforms, Cross-Progression Still Out


Crossplay has increasingly become a standard feature for multiplayer games, and yet, Blizzard has stubbornly kept the walls up and refused to bring the feature to Overwatch – until now. Today, Blizzard announced crossplay is coming to Overwatch, with all platforms (yes, even the Switch) supported. Sadly, cross-progression is still out, but hey, this is still a big step.

Players will net to have a account in order to take advantage of Overwatch crossplay. Here’s how the process will work…

Prepare Your Account

All console players will be required to make a account and link it to their console (Xbox, PSN, Nintendo) account. PC players do not need to take this step – You already have a account. Upon launching the game, you will be prompted to link your console account to a account. Follow the steps below to create a account, then link your console game account to your account.

Linking Your Console Game and Accounts

These instructions apply to the in-game steps console players will need to take once Cross-Play is available.

  • Launch the game on your system
  • Press the confirmation button to progress through the Overwatch welcome screen
  • You will be presented with an alpha-numeric code and a QR code
  • The alpha-numeric code can be entered at
  • The QR code may be scanned with a mobile app to take you to the linking webpage, which will be pre-populated with the code provided in-game
  • Log in with your account credentials to finalize the connection between your console game and accounts
  • You will receive a message in-game that notifies that your account is now successfully connected
  • Exit and relaunch Overwatch

Overwatch is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, and is playable via backward compatibility on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. No specific word on when crossplay will launch, but a beta will kick off “soon.”

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