Star savages ‘woke’ Harry in brutal rant

Gallagher, 54, said Harry comes across as a “f***ing a***hole” when criticising his family and that he sympathises with Prince William for having a younger brother “shooting his f***ing mouth off”.The rock supremo, who has famously fallen out with his own brother Liam, blasted Harry for publicly “dissing your family” and told him to “shut up”.RELATED: Harry blasts palace, threatens lawsuitNoel has been on the receiving end of countless verbal attacks from Liam, 46, since Oasis split 10 years ago.He said: “Prince William. I feel that f***ing lad’s pain.“He’s got a f***ing younger brother shooting his f***ing mouth off with sh*t that is just so unnecessary. I’d like to think I was always the William.”RELATED: Journo sacked for ‘racist’ royal baby tweetGallagher returns this week with a new record for his solo project High Flying Birds – and the royal rumpus has featured heavily in his recent interviews.He said: “It’s funny though, doing promo for this, it’s funny how they obsess about it around the world.“I did a week here of Australian promo down the phone and Zoom and all that and they were like, ‘So Noel Gallagher, f***ing 10 years of High Flying Birds! It’s been amazing! And f***ing Oasis!“But what we really want to know is, how much of a c**t is Prince Harry?’“And I’m just like, ‘I don’t know mate. I don’t know them.’“But Prince Harry is coming across like a typical f***ing woke snowflake, f***ing a***hole.“Just don’t be f***ing dissing your family because there’s no need for it.”And in a gibe at Harry’s wife Meghan Markle, he said: “This is what happens when you get involved with Americans. As simple as that.”RELATED: Oasis star’s spectacular spray at HarryGallagher’s return comes after almost 18 months of Covid-induced misery for the music industry.The pandemic meant one of ­Britain’s hardest-touring and ­hardest-living musicians was confined to domestic duties.But in a bid to keep busy, and retain the interest of his now 13-strong band High Flying Birds, the songwriter penned two new tracks for the band’s forthcoming anthology and started work on their next album.Gallagher said he is sometimes baffled by today’s musical landscape, which is drastically different to the one he dominated for two decades.“They’re just chasing the streams and the numbers and if they can get kids who are gagging to be famous and who look good and have got fairly decent voices, they’ve got in-house songwriters who can write it.“I was at the Ivor Novello songwriters awards once when the song of the year came up and it was by Emeli Sande. Anyway, eight people got up to accept the award,” he recalled.“And I don’t think any of them was Emeli Sande.“And I happened to be sat with Ray Davies who presented me with my award and he went, ‘How do you make people write a song?’“I was like, ‘How do eight people even f***ing … there’s not even eight opinions on a f***ing song. How can that be?’“The music business, artistically, is the worst it has ever been – but financially, they’re smashing the a**e out of it. Flying.”Since Oasis unceremoniously split following a bust-up in Paris, fans have begged the Gallagher brothers to reunite.Noel remains adamant the band will never reform. But he has enjoyed looking back on the height of their fame while producing a documentary charting their legendary performances to 250,000 fans at Knebworth in 1996.This article originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced here with permission

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