The best deals on PlayStation consoles, controllers, and games right now – including $66 off ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ for PS Plus members

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PlayStation 5 controller
Sony’s DualSense controller launched alongside the PlayStation 5.

  • Sony’s PlayStation consoles are a dominant force in gaming.
  • Though PS5 and PS4 systems remain hard to find, deals on games and accessories are common.
  • Right now, “Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition” is only $34 for PS Plus members – that’s a $64 discount.

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Sony’s PlayStation is the most popular video game brand around. More than 100 million PlayStation 4s have been sold worldwide, and the PlayStation 5 is still selling out in stores months after release. Though PlayStation consoles are hard to find, you can snag plenty of deals on games and accessories right now.

A library of more than 2,500 games – including exclusives like “God of War,” and “Marvel’s Spider-Man” – make PlayStation consoles a must-have for gamers of all types. The PS5 sets a new standard for gaming hardware, and Sony says it plans to continue supporting the PS4 for years to come. The PS5 also supports nearly every PS4 game, so gamers can transfer their library to the new console whenever it’s time to upgrade.

Below, we’ve collected the best deals on PlayStation consoles, games, and accessories. These discounts should all come in handy whether you’re picking up a PlayStation for the first time, building your library of games, or trying to find the cheapest price on a PlayStation peripheral.

Here are the best PlayStation deals for May 2021:

for PlayStation 4 (medium)

Best deals on PlayStation games

PlayStation Play At Home Event
Sony is holding a spring sale and giving away more than a dozen games during the month of April for its Play At Home event.

There are thousands of games available for PlayStation consoles, so we’ve chosen to focus on some of the most popular titles for both PS4 and PS5. Games also go on sale via the digital PlayStation storefront on a regular basis.

Right now, Sony is giving away more than a dozen PlayStation games as a part of its Play At Home event. The first batch of games includes indie titles like “Subnautica” and “Enter the Gungeon,” along with PlayStation VR hits like “Astro Bot Rescue Mission” and “Moss.”

The PlayStation Network is also holding a spring sale with discounts on dozens of digital games. You can find plenty of discounts on physical copies of games at many retailers as well.

Watch Dogs Legion: Gold Edition (medium)Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (medium)Mortal Kombat X (medium)Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition (medium)God of War Deluxe Edition (medium)
Best PlayStation controller deals

PlayStation DualShock 4 controller
The PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller works with more devices than the PS5’s DualSense controller, for now.

The PS5 controller is called the DualSense, while the PS4 controller is named the DualShock 4. The $70 DualSense boasts enhanced features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, USB-C charging, and a microphone. However, the $60 DualShock 4 is fully compatible with Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Android devices, making it a bit more versatile.

As an added bonus, DualShock 4 controllers can still work with the PS5, so long as you’re playing a game that was originally made for PS4. You can save $7 by purchasing a pre-owned DualShock 4 via GameStop.

With controllers like the Xbox Elite Series popularizing the use of rear paddle buttons, premium controllers like the SCUF Vantage have become popular choices for the PlayStation 4 as well. Sony released a special $20 attachment to add back buttons to the DS4 controller in January 2020.

Editor’s note: There are currently no deals available on PlayStation controllers. For another chance to save, visit our round-up of the best online sales happening right now.

Best PlayStation accessory deals

PlayStation VR
The PlayStation VR headset and PS Move controllers work with both the PS4 and the PS5.

Sony designed a new Pulse 3D audio headset for PlayStation 5, but the console’s 3D audio technology works with older headphones too. Third party headsets designed for PlayStation 4 will also work for PS5, including wireless models.

The PlayStation VR is the top-selling VR headset, thanks in part to the 100 million people who already own the required PS4. The headset connects directly to the console and can be used to play standard games in 2D as well as immersive VR titles like “Firewall: Zero Hour.”

The PlayStation Move Motion controller has been around since the days of the PS3 and works in tandem with the PlayStation VR to track arm and hand movements. They’re not mandatory for playing games in VR, but some games require them for proper motion control, like “Superhot.”

There are no discounts currently available on brand-new PlayStation VR headsets or bundles, but GameStop has refurbished PlayStation VR units for $150 when they’re in stock. 

PlayStation VR HDR Compatible Premium Refurbished (medium)
Best PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now deals

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus is required for online multiplayer, but also adds free games to your library for as long as you’re subscribed.

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that’s required for online play with nearly all PS4 games.  The subscription also offers special discounts in the PlayStation Network store, and subscribers get free games each month that remain available as long as the PlayStation Plus subscription is active.

PlayStation 5 owners who subscribe to PlayStation Plus receive a collection of more than 20 free games. The collection features bestselling PlayStation 4 exclusives like “Uncharted,” “The Last of Us,” and “Crash Bandicoot.” Several of the games have been enhanced to play even better on PS5.

PlayStation Now is a separate subscription service that lets you stream hundreds of games to your PC or PS4. Think Netflix, but for PlayStation games. The service includes games for PS2, PS3, and PS4. As an added bonus, console owners can download the full version of PS4 games from PlayStation Now to play offline. The service is comparable to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

12-Month Subscription (medium)3-month Membership (medium)
Best PlayStation console deals

PlayStation 5 PS5 PlayStation 4 PS4 Comparison
The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, side by side.

Sony released the PlayStation 5 in November 2020, but don’t expect to find any deals on the next-gen console. The PS5 has been difficult to find and product shortages are expected to continue into the summer of 2021. Be sure to check out our tips on how to buy a PlayStation 5 if you’re currently on the hunt.

Buying a used or refurbished PlayStation 4 is another option if you just want something to hold you over until you’re ready to upgrade to the new console. Sony plans to support the PS4 for a few more years. 

Sony released the final two versions of the PS4 in 2016 — a slim model replacing the original, and the more powerful PS4 Pro. The PlayStation 4 Pro is capable of playing games at 4K resolution, while the standard PS4 is limited to 1080p. 

Unfortunately, stock for PS4 consoles also remains low at many retailers. With that in mind, the below products might not currently be available for shipment. We’ll update this section with more retailer options as stores add more inventory.

Playstation 5 (All-Digital) (medium)PlayStation 5 (medium)Playstation 4 (medium)PlayStation 4 Pro (medium)

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