MSI Updates X570 Motherboards With Latest AMD AGESA Patch B BIOS Firmware

MSI Releases AMD Ryzen AGESA BIOS Firmware For X570 & B550 Motherboards, 400-Series BIOS Coming Soon Too

MSI has released the first AMD AGESA Patch B BIOS Firmware for its X570 motherboards. The motherboard manufacturer released the BIOS update for the trio of its X570 MEG lineup of motherboards, offering improved system performance on compatible Ryzen Desktop CPUs and APUs.

AMD AGESA Patch B Official BIOS Firmware Rolls Out, Already Available On MSI’s X570 MEG Series Boards

The AMD AGESA Patch B is the official BIOS firmware that will be rolled out to X570 & B550 motherboards soon. The previous AGESA Patch A BIOS Firmware was more of a BETA BIOS release. Much of the improvements, bug fixes, and stability will be carried over from Patch A to the Patch B BIOS.

MSI has so far been the only motherboard manufacturer to offer the latest AMD AGESA Patch B BIOS firmware for its motherboards. While the initial list only includes three boards, the manufacturer has confirmed that more motherboards will be added to the list real soon which would include X570 and B550 MAX series products. If you are running any of the following X570 motherboards, then it is advised to update to the latest BIOS:

The AMD AGESA Patch B BIOS Firmware also extends support to the Ryzen 5000G APUs (Cezanne) and Ryzen 5000 CPUs (Vermeer B2 Stepping). One of the key features of the Patch B BIOS is that it resolves all USB issues that users have been facing on Ryzen 5000 systems. Aside from that, there aren’t any major updates or changes listed but for those who have been facing these issues, it’s once again advised to move to the new BIOS for stability. We will keep you up to date once more manufacturers and motherboards receive the AGESA Patch B BIOS.

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