Trump issued a statement calling Giuliani a ‘great American patriot’ and the ‘Eliot Ness’ of his generation

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Former President Donald Trump made a statement on Thursday in support of his former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, after the latter’s license to practice law in New York was revoked.

  • Trump made a statement on Thursday in support of his former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.
  • Trump called Giuliani the “Eliot Ness” of his generation, and “one of the greatest crime fighters” in the US.
  • Giuliani’s license to practice law in New York was suspended after a court ruled he made false statements about the election.
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Former President Donald Trump has come to the defense of Rudy Giuliani after the latter’s license to practice law in New York was suspended on Thursday.

“Can you believe that New York wants to strip Rudy Giuliani, a great American Patriot, of his law license because he has been fighting what has already been proven to be a Fraudulent Election?” Trump wrote in a statement on Thursday, doubling down on false claims that there was electoral fraud.

The former president called on his supporters to “take back America” and called out the “Radical Left” in his statement.

“All of New York is out of control, crime is at an all-time high – it’s nothing but a Witch hunt, and they should be ashamed of themselves. TAKE BACK AMERICA,” wrote Trump in the statement.

Trump also praised Giuliani, calling him the “Eliot Ness” of his generation and one of the “greatest crime fighters” the US has ever known.

Ness was a crime fighter who was part of a nine-man squad of special agents who went up against mobster Al Capone‘s Chicago network of gangsters in the 1920s.

A bench of five judges ruled that they found “uncontroverted evidence” that Giuliani made “demonstrably false and misleading” statements about last year’s election.

“These false statements were made to improperly bolster respondent’s narrative that due to widespread voter fraud, victory in the 2020 United States presidential election was stolen from his client,” the ruling said.

Some of the false claims Giuliani made, the court said, included his allegations that 8,021 to 30,000 dead people voted in Philadelphia.

The court also cited Giuliani’s repeated false statements about the Dominion Voting Systems and baseless claims that felons, underage voters, and dead people voted in Georgia.

“We conclude that respondent’s conduct immediately threatens the public interest and warrants interim suspension from the practice of law, pending further proceedings before the Attorney Grievance Committee,” the ruling added.

Giuliani told Reuters that he was going to “fight back” against the suspension.

“I go to court, and I prove what I’m telling you in court. There are appellate courts. This isn’t yet a dictatorship,” said Giuliani to Reuters.

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