Qld’s border warning for Melbourne

Ten cases were detected in Victoria on Thursday, all linked to removalists who travelled from Sydney through regional New South Wales before arriving in Melbourne. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said residents should “reconsider” their travel and “think about coming home” if already there. “We have said to Queenslanders reconsider your travel into New South Wales as well,” she said. “I cannot be clearer. We are seeing these little spot fires happening across the nation and we need to make sure we get this under control.”Chief health officer Jeannette Young said she was watching the situations in both states “very, very closely”. “There has been no detections in sewage outside the Sydney lockdown area,” she said“So that is very good, so we can maintain our current border position with New South Wales, but I really, really strongly reiterate that people should reconsider any need to get into NSW because they could have an outbreak anywhere throughout the state. “Similarly in Victoria… they have got multiple outbreaks due to multiple incursions of the virus from Sydney… I strongly, very strongly recommend that people reconsider any need to go down to Victoria.”Dr Young said anyone already in Victoria should assess their risks. “Because if there were to be an uncontained outbreak, then of course we would be declaring hotspots and asking people to quarantine on return,” she said. “So, people really need to take that into consideration when working through all their plans.”

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