Mia backs down after huge lockdown blunder

The 21-year-old make up artist said she would take time away from social media after copping a backlash over the comments.Fevola posted that the latest restrictions were hitting her hard and she was going to stay with family at their holiday house — where they have been living this year as renovations take place on their Melbourne home.She was forced to say goodbye to boyfriend Jamarra Ugle-Hagan who flew out of Melbourne with his Western Bulldogs teammates as the entire AFL competition was thrown into turmoil.Mia wrote on Friday: “I’ve woken up to a mess today and I wanted to say I’m sorry to those I offended with my story yesterday. I didn’t think before I posted and had no intention of portraying it the way it came across. I in no way meant to sound like I was complaining about going to our holiday house, I was merely frustrated going into a fifth lockdown, like everyone else, and stating that I was going to see my family as I had been alone and that’s where they’re living.“I understand people are struggling financially, mentally and haven’t seen their families and it was insensitive of me. I’m sorry if you’re one of those people.“I try to keep my page positive as much as I can especially in this time where we all need a bit of positivity. The hate messages and comments I’ve seen are really out of control now across all platforms, I’m going to be quiet on here for a little while but I wanted to apologise before I do so. Stay safe.”In her original post Fevola echoed most sentiments when she asked why people can’t just do the right thing.Both she and her mum Alex posted an explanation of their holiday house situation.“Wow I put up a story for 20 minutes and now I’ve seen it plastered Facebook and getting horrible messages,” Mia wrote.“Just to clarify, my family have been living at our holiday house for majority of this year! We haven’t escaped down here, our home is being renovated so we are actually living here. I was coming home from Jamarra’s to be with my family again, not that I should even have to explain that, so please don’t attack me without knowing the full story.”On Sunday Mia showed her support for Ugle-Hagan after the no. 1 draft pick made his debut for the Bulldogs.

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