How ‘me time’ turned things around for Chrissie Swan

The radio host is looking slim and toned after giving up alcohol and focusing on self care through last year’s lockdown.She has recently been filming Celebrity MasterChef and is hosting Have You Been Paying Attention next Monday night.The mum of three’s turning point came during Melbourne’s long lockdown and she also has a passion for walking every day.“I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions but I’ve become serious about carving out some ‘me time’ this year,” she wrote in March.“I’ve read everything there is to read about self care and the benefits of occasionally honouring your own needs ahead of everyone else’s. “But I’ve never done anything about it, until now. Learning how to meditate kicked it off for me and I realised after the first 10 min block that it was the first time in ages I’d stopped and slowed down with my own well-being top of mind.”The popular host of Nova breakfast’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny, has also formed a close bond with fellow Celebrity MasterChef contestants.She said actor Rebecca Gibney and Tilly Ramsay, the daughter of British chef Gordon Ramsay, her “kindred spirits” and is also close with AFL champion Nick Riewoldt.The trio attended Cobram Estate’s 20th anniversary celebration dinner and Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting at Matilda restaurant in South Yarra.

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