A-lister made Jackman clean up vomit

Jackman’s BFF since kindergarten, Gus Worland, told the story on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning and then challenged listeners to call in and guess who the Hollywood star was.Worland explained that he was in the US visiting Jackman on a movie set when one of his co-stars invited them both to have a drink in his “much bigger trailer”.“I walk into the trailer and it’s got a Cuban cigar in each corner with a cigar cutter … and there’s a tub of drinks and stuff,” Worland said on air.“We sit down and start having a conversation and I’m struggling to get the words out because I’m so excited that I’m in his company,” Worland said about the A-lister.RELATED: Gus Worland once scolded Zac Efron for being lateBut things quickly went pear-shaped.“I’m drinking a little bit too quickly, I’m overexcited, and I find myself in a position where I’m starting to go a bit ‘oopsie’,” Worland told Kyle and Jackie O.“Jacko’s looking at me going, ‘Are you OK, mate?’ I said, ‘I’m fine, I’m fine.’”But Worland wasn’t fine at all.“I’m smoking this cigar, I’m drinking these drinks and I’m hammered within an hour,” he said. “I just go, ‘Oh no, I can’t hold this.’ I tried to shimmy out of the horseshoe [table] set up … which is a difficult thing to do … and I don’t quite get to the door of the trailer and I throw up everywhere.”Worland said that Jackman found it rather amusing, but the other celebrity did not.“He has no sense of humour [about the situation] and he starts shouting at Jacko for laughing at me and then gets Jacko to mop the whole thing up,” Worland recalled. “That takes Jacko about 20 minutes.”“He got Hugh Jackman to mop up your chunder?” a shocked Kyle Sandilands asked.“Yeah,” Worland said. “This guy I see quite a bit now because we’ve stayed mates … and he still reminds me all the time.”Listeners then called through with a number of guesses about which A-lister’s trailer the incident took place in.Eventually someone correctly guessed that it was John Travolta, with Worland confirming it happened when Travolta and Jackman were filming Swordfish together.RELATED: John Travolta spills on bizarre request from Quentin TarantinoMind Your Mate campaignWorland, who is a Triple M radio star, was on Kyle and Jackie O to promote a new initiative for his Gotcha4Life Foundation called the ‘Mind Your Mate’ campaign.“I want everyone to write down a list of all the people in their life that they love and actually go to our website gotcha4life.org and pledge your mateship to them,” Worland said. “And I can send you some tips and tricks to make sure your relationship is stronger than ever before.”Gotcha4Life is an Australian mental fitness charity that Worland set up with the aim of taking action to engage, educate and empower to end suicide.Mental health support

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