1 killed, 3 injured after a firefight between Afghan guards and unidentified gunmen at Kabul airport

Soldiers stand on a wall at night time while people stand in a canal below them
British and Canadian soldiers stand guard near a canal as Afghans wait outside the foreign military-controlled part of Kabul airport on August 22, 2021. This was not the part of the airport where the firefight took place.

  • An Afghan officer was killed in a firefight with “unknown attackers,” Germany’s military said.
  • Three more were injured in the Kabul airport incident, and Western troops also got involved.
  • The airport has been chaotic since the Taliban took over, with people desperate to flee Afghanistan.
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A firefight broke out at Kabul airport between Afghan guards and unidentified attackers, with an Afghan officer killed and three more injured, the German military said.

The German military said on Twitter that the incident happened early on Monday morning, and involved “unknown attackers,” the Associated Press reported.

It said in another tweet that the guard who was killed was a member “of the Afghan army.” The Afghan army is currently helping other nations secure the airport.

German and US forces then got involved in the fight, the AP reported, citing the German military.

James Heappey, the UK’s armed forces minister, told the BBC that British forces were not involved in the firefight as they were not in that part of the airport.

Kabul airport has been a scene of chaos since the Taliban took Kabul as part of their fast takeover of the country.

Other nations have been scrambling to evacuate their citizens and Afghans who helped those countries who now fear retribution. Desperate scenes have shown people trying to force themselves onto planes and even clinging on to the outside of jets, where some fell to their deaths.

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