OnlyFans seeks to reassure adult content creators after backlash over banning porn from the site

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OnlyFans logo displayed on a phone screen and a website in the background are seen in this illustration photo taken in Krakow, Poland on April 27, 2021.

  • OnlyFans tweeted its support for sex work amid its policy changes banning sexually explicit content.
  • The company announced the updates last week to reportedly pivot its brand image, making it more appealing to outside investors.
  • Sex workers feeling alienated by the decision expressed their anger and intentions to leave the platform.
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OnlyFans tweeted out a message to its adult content creators on Saturday, reiterating its support for sex work following the company’s ban on sexually explicit content.

The company’s message directly stated that the policy change was “necessary” to the financial needs of the company, but that it would be working on “solutions” for content creators affected by the move.

Last week, the content subscription service announced that starting October 1 it would stop hosting the types of “sexually explicit content” that initially made the company popular with its over 100 million registered users. The ban includes “actual or simulated” instances of masturbation and sex, but not nudity.

The change was meant to dissuade illegal content, like underage viewership and videos showing sex-trafficked individuals. However, it was believed the site’s NSFW content was also driving away potential investors.

Sex workers operating on the app as content creators expressed their frustrations toward the company this week, with some saying they would move away from OnlyFans and create content on other platforms.

“The current feeling I’m getting from other creators I know and myself is both anger and confusion,” adult content creator Chelsea Lynn told Insider last week. “Sex work built OnlyFans, and now it feels like they’re turning their backs on us.”

Jane Wilde, a sex worker who earns her income primarily through OnlyFans, also told Insider she was feeling frustrated that OnlyFans gave a statement to the media before consulting its content creators.

OnlyFans could not be reached for comment.

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