Matt Damon roasts radio host on-air

KIIS 101.1 Jase & Lauren co-hosts Lauren Phillips and Jase Hawkins were hosting their ‘bad neighbours’ segment when Phillips declared she didn’t know her neighbours personally.But it seems she quickly forgot she lived next door to the Jason Bourne star in Byron Bay earlier this year, with Damon dialling in to remind her what a “bad neighbour” she was.“Hey, this is Matt Damon calling all the way from New York City,” Damon said as Phillips reacted in shock. “I heard you were talking about horrible neighbours … Here’s how terrible Lauren is as a neighbour, she literally just said she doesn’t even know her neighbours and she would come to (our) family dinner for three straight months.”The Oscar-winning actor, who returned to the US in June after spending six months in Australia filming Thor: Love and Thunder with Chris Hemsworth, also revealed Phillips liked to “sing” after a few sips of wine.“Half a glass of wine and you forced us to listen to you sing,” Damon said to Phillips. “She’s not afraid. Volume isn’t a problem. And confidence isn’t a problem either.“There was a certain point where everyone went to bed and I just felt bad so I stayed up talking to you.”Phillips fired back, saying Damon was a “far worse neighbour”.“You’d walk into my house willy nilly, send the kids over and never leave,” Phillips added.The pair’s unlikely friendship formed as Phillips is believed to be dating multi-millionaire jet tycoon, Paul O’Brien.Talking about how they met, Damon revealed he was good friends with O’Brien. “And that’s how I met Lozzie,” he added.It’s not the first time she’s been sprung on the job by one of her A-list mates.Hemsworth surprised Phillips’ on the Today show during a weekend weather cross in September last year, as he took it upon himself to read the forecast report.“You’ve made my job look very easy there – would you like to take over?” Phillips asked Hemsworth on-air.Back in the studio, it seemed co-hosts Richard Wilkins and Rebecca Maddern had no idea the superstar cameo was going to happen.“Dickie, you’re the one who usually comes up with the big names on this show, but you have been TRUMPED. What about that? Chris Hemsworth. Did that just happen?” Maddern said.“He just read the weather on Weekend Today. My year made. They said 2020 was bad, no it’s not.”Phillips has also been seen attending several of the Hemsworth’s famous parties.

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