ASUS’s Next-Gen VivoBook With Intel Alder Lake-P 8 Core CPU Spotted

ASUS’s next-generation VivoBook has been spotted with an 8 core Intel Alder Lake-P Mobility CPU in the UserBenchmark database.

ASUS Readies Next-Gen VivoBook Laptop With An 8 Core Alder Lake-P Mobility CPU & Up To 16 GB DDR4 Memory

Three entries of the ASUS VivoBook X1603ZA laptop were made within UserBenchmark & all three are based on the same Alder Lake-P Mobility CPU configuration. Compared to current-gen models, ASUS seems to be giving a nice boost to the overall laptop with a 16″ configuration that’s currently not available.

Coming to the specifications, the CPU is an Intel Alder Lake-P which features 8 cores & 12 threads. From what we know, this is based on 4 Golden Cove (8 Thread) and 4 Gracemont cores (4 Thread). The ASUS VivoBook seems to be an early prototype as its clock speeds are reported at a measly 1 GHz base clock and an average boost speed of up to 2.6 GHz. Even in an early state, the CPU gives out some impressive performance numbers compared to the Core i7-1185G7 within the same CPU benchmark.

ASUS’s Alder Lake-P-powered VivoBook has been spotted, featuring an Intel Core i7 Mobility CPU with 8 cores and 12 threads. (Image Source: Benchleaks)

The Intel Alder Lake-P CPU scores 153 points in single-core and 739 points in multi-core tests while the Tiger Lake-based Core i7-1185G7 scores 159 points in single-core and 582 points in multi-core tests. For comparison, the Tiger Lake chip has a huge advantage in clock speeds with a 3 GHz base and 4.8 GHz max boost clock. Again, these are very early performance figures and the platform is not optimized yet to showcase the true potential of Alder Lake mobility processors.

With that said, other specifications of the ASUS VivoBook laptop include 16 GB of DDR4-3200 dual-channel memory, a 1 TB Micron NVMe Gen 4 SSD, and Intel UHD graphics which should feature up to 96 Xe Execution Units.

Intel Alder Lake-P Series SKUs

The Intel Alder Lake P series features the U15, U28, and H45. The U15, U28, and H45 have power ratings of 15W (12/20W), 28W (20W), and 45W (35W) respectively. The U15 series will come with up to 2 big cores and up to 8 small cores. The U28 series will come with up to 6 big cores and up to 8 small cores.

Intel Alder Lake-P 6+8 (14 Core / 20 Thread) CPU Block Diagram Mockup By InstLatX64

The H45 series will come with up to 6 big cores and up to 8 small cores. All three feature 96 Graphics Execution Units. The U series looks to be put in mainstream and performance laptops featuring Tiger Lake processors. The H series looks to be a direct replacement for Tiger Lake-H35 which is in portable gaming laptops. Intel’s Alder Lake-P laptops will be hitting the retail segment after CES 2022.

Intel Alder Lake vs Tiger Lake Mobility CPU TDPs

CPU Segment PL1 TDP PL2 TDP Cores / Threads
Alder Lake-H55 55W/45W >115W 12 / 16?
Alder Lake-H45 45W/35W 115W 12 / 16?
Tiger Lake-H45 45W 109W (i7-11800H)
135W (i9-11980HK)
8 / 16
Alder Lake-U28 20W/28W 64W 12 / 16?
Tiger Lake-U28 28W 54W (i7-1185G7) 4 / 8
Alder Lake-U15 15W/20W 55W 4 / 12?
Tiger Lake-U15 15W 44W (Core i7-1180G7) 4 / 8
Alder Lake-U9 9W/15W 30W 5 / 6?
Tiger Lake-U9 9W 28W 4 / 8
Alder Lake-M5 7W/5W ~20W 5 / 6?

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