Victoria days away from reaching jab milestone

But when will we reach our target to have 70 to 80 per cent of the population fully vaccinated, and what freedoms will we get when we hit that mark?Restrictions were due to ease from September 23, when 70 per cent of the population was expected to have had their first dose. After a rush to get shots into arms in the past fortnight, especially AstraZeneca, and after opening Pfizer to under-40s, we’re now on track to see some minor freedoms kick in earlier on September 19.Now that date is even closer than expected, with Victoria set to reach its first-dose target within a matter of days. Premier Daniel Andrews said when the state reached that 70 per cent first dose target, Victorians would be afforded some minor freedoms.DAILY VACCINE TRACKERVictoria’s population (aged 16 and over) eligible for the vaccine sits at 5,407,574 — 70 per cent of which is 3,785,301 people. National vaccine data, which takes in the number of Covid jabs at state-run and Commonwealth clinics reveals: 3,762,505 people had received the vaccine by Sunday. Victoria still needs 22,797 people to get jabbed before it hits that 70 per cent threshold.66.2 per cent of Victoria’s population has received their first dose, 40.8 per cent are fully vaccinated.Vaccinate target chartEased restrictions at 70pc vaccinatedMr Andrews said Victoria would soon become a “vaccinated economy” and those who chose not to be jabbed would be “locked out”. The state and federal governments are now working on new technology, similar to the QR-code check-in app, which would show proof of vaccination.Under changes being made to the check-in process, business owners would be informed whether or not prospective patrons were vaccinated.“They don’t store that information but you’ll either get a tick or a cross … you’re either allowed in or you’re not,” Mr Andrews said.NED-4476-Covid-19-Vaccine-Rates-Melbourne“The economy, as best it can, will operate as close to normal as possible for people who had two doses. Everything from restaurants, cafes, retail, sporting events, theatre, the list goes on and on.”Under the national plan, when 80 per cent of eligible Australians are fully vaccinated, lockdowns will end almost entirely and international travel will resume.Eased restrictions at 80 per cent vaccinated Prime Minister Scott Morrison said states and territories would be able to move into a next stage when the national average for vaccinations — as well as that state or territory’s own average — met the relevant vaccination threshold.

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