Grollo’s luxury furniture trove fetches $1.1m

But the two most prized pieces of the trove of homeware treasures, a made-to-order dressoir à thè – or four-door tea trunk – and a coffee à chaussures – or shoebox – were passed in at the auction conducted by Leonard Joel on Monday.The dressoir à thè, which was estimated to sell for $200,000 – $250,000, was passed in at $190,000 while bidding for the coffee à chaussures stalled at $380,000. Bidding opened on the unique item at $320,000. It was estimated to make between $400,000 – $500,000.The auction attracted interest from buyers around the globe including Zurich, Canada, France, Singapore, London, New York as well as luxury enthusiasts in Australia.Grollo sold the collection to repay debts associated with the administration of his Grocon empire.“Every item in the collection was carefully selected and, while I’m disappointed the project is not proceeding, I’m pleased that each piece will now ultimately find a new home,” Mr Grollo said.“The sale of the Hermès collection is another step forward for me, providing funds to begin torepay loans associated with the recent Grocon administration process.”Highlights from the auction included a pair of Philippe Nigro Cabriolet chocolate coloured armchairs for Hermès Maison Collection making $38,000, an Antonio Citterio coffee table for Hermès Maison Collection achieving $20,000, a J.M Frank three-seater sofa for Hermès Maison Collection selling for $37,000, an Antonio Citterio Amazone lounge chair for Hermès Maison Collection fetching $19,000, a Pantographe Arc floor lamp for Hermès Maison Collection making $32,000, and a Mercure d’Hermès mirror for Hermès Maison Collection being snapped up for $14,000. Leonard Joel’s head of modern design, Anna Grassham described the collection as “astounding.”“It is the first ever collection of this size of Hermes interiors to be offered anywhere in the world. This is without a doubt luxury at its finest.”

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